4 Ways To Get Striped Ft. Flipkart

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In this blog post, as your Flipkart Fashion Expert I shall be sharing tips on how you can style a nautical striped crop top in multiple ways.
Stripes have a history to them. They really do. They are so versatile and fun to play with. But to be honest, they aren’t really a trend as much as they are basics. You can wear the same old stripes in multiple thicknesses and it feels different each time. Don’t believe me? Well, today let me  take you through four different ways in which you can style a nautical striped crop top.
One. Team it up with overalls. Put a bow on your head and wear some shiny shoes: Voila! you are ready for college
Two. Skirts are flirtatious, fun and if worn the correct way, innocent too. (They also help hide thunder thighs for people like me!)
Three. Wear a pair of high waisted pants and complete your look with some tan brogues like how I did. You are ready to rock that presentation!
Four. Culottes are practical yet fun. Team up your culottes with block heels and have a retro feel to your look by wearing a pair of  transparent aviator glasses.
These are the four easy ways in which you can style your stripes crop top! Let me know which one you like best? Also, I got all the outfits from Flipkart. Go check them out!
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Dior Blues

Hello family,

So I read this quote somewhere on the internet and it made me crack up, real hard:

“The worst part of my Mondays is hearing you complain about Mondays.”

Well, I am not rubbing it in your face, but my Monday was pretty darn good. I got some fancy at-home parlour services and well, if you want to know more about that, you should probably check my Snapchat (ID: withloveinaaya) and my Instagram. ❤

Other than that, I really have been meaning to blog about this beautiful shoot we shot a couple of days (or was it weeks?) back at the amazing Asado. The very interiors of this place take you to a different era. Obviously we deemed it fit to use them to the best of our capacities. By we, I mean I and my super rockstar photographer friend Swapnil Junjare who is moving to the States for higher education pretty darn soon. And well I shall miss having him around. 🙂

Now, I was meaning to wear this skirt for a while now and well, what better way than to wear it with a beautiful school blue blazer. I call it school blue because well that’s the colour of most school blazers here. (No, I studied in DPS. No, my school blazer was not blue.) Also did I mention I stitched the skirt? The perks of being a designer are you can totally create something if you don’t find it in the stores. 🙂

The idea here was to create a Dior effect and well, to me atleast, I achieved it partially if not wholly. My beautiful makeup artist did a slight smokey eye for this look and gave me red lips (Anastesia Beverly Hills in the colour Carina). I let my hair loose because shouldn’t a girl let her hair down sometimes! What do you guys feel about the look? Do share your opinions.

Lots of love.

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What is on me?

  • Jacket: Gap, USA
  • Skirt: Self-stitched
  • Pendant: Swarovski India
  • Heels: Charles and Keith
  • Rings: Forever21

Special thanks:

Location: Asado The Cocktail Street

Photographer: Swapnil Junjare

Make-up: Muskaan Sama


Until next time,