Autumn Love

“In a crooked little town, they were lost and never found.

Fallen leaves, fallen leaves, fallen leaves, on the ground

New off springs that were once blooming and flying with the wind in their brightest of greens are suddenly all over the ground, under my feet, wherever I walk. Withered. Some already turning to dust, while others are still changing colours from yellow to brown. But yet they look so beautiful. So as I sit and write, I know one thing for sure: Autumn is the most beautiful season. The transition from Summers to Winters wouldn’t be as magical and poetic, if it were not for Autumn. The trees wouldn’t look like they are filled with flowers in warm hues, if it were not for Autumn. Autumn shows us in the most beautiful way that nothing is permanent. We are all here to go. This moment is all there is. There is no point dwelling over the past. There is no certainty of a tomorrow to plan upon. All there is, is this moment. This transient moment of realisation is how you should be living the rest of your life. 🍁🍂

You’d be wondering why am I suddenly talking about seasons? Because I realised its high time I start coming here and writing my heart out, regardless of what it is and sharing it with you guys. So here it goes:

For me, a huge part of my heart lies in the city that gave me wings and made me who I am today. I know your first guess would be Mumbai and I cannot deny that this city is my life and I love it so very dearly but there’s another city that I am talking about today: New York City. The city of Dreams. The Big Apple. The Epitome of all things Awesome. The city that made me realise my self worth. The city that gave a naive 20 year old the confidence to be herself. The City of Fashion! I am writing today because I miss NYC. And also because I want to cherish those memories. But mostly, I am writing this because I stumbled upon my old sketches from FIT and felt some really strong emotions resurface and pop, one at a time. 

What started as a mere rough exercise of practising typography, my hands seemed to have dived into the world of inks and for four hours straight I was just doodling yesterday. The result? This not-so-perfect but pretty quote:

One thing led to another and suddenly I was hunting for withered leaves that went with my quote and then I was searching for my old college sketches on the theme “The Withered Leaf”. Yup. I’d made a collection on Autumn. And soon it was these set of crazy fun pictures and flatlays! This, is the final result!

Maybe it was nostalgia hitting me but this post was heartfelt and it feels good writing something that is not related to Fashion 🙂 
Until next time.

With Love,


Vintage Summer Vibes

Hola family!

With vacations fast approaching, we are all looking for places we can head out to and explore. I am sure a lot of us would have our Pinterest wanderlust boards in place. Also the new Instagram feature for saving pictures in different boards doesn’t help either 🙂 I ḍig that new feature and have made twenty some boards already! (Just Kidding!)

But the point is, if you can travel, great. No one would be happier than me! But if for whatever reasons you cannot get time out just how I can’t, let me share something I do to make myself feel better: I read.
Cliche as it may sound, books transport you to another world all together. Its magical how mere pages with ink on them can take you to a different space. While growing up The Famous Five series by Enid Blyton used to have that effect on me. They would give me an adrenaline rush each time an adventure would start. I would be Anne sometimes and George on other nights but I would love reading them. Reading helps you evolve. It helps you grow worldly wise. So read, my dear. This is a fashion blog but not all bloggers are dumb hangers you know? Some of us have brains too. And I happen to be an academically sound one. So yes you can discuss your favourite books with me. My all time favourite (other than the HP series , duh) is Shantaram and The Book of Tomorrow.  🙂

Coming to fashion: What am I wearing? I love dresses. I cannot stress enough on how convenient and functional they are. But this one holds a special place because it is a pastel mint with polkas: an absolute eye candy for a retro era lover like yours truly!
Anyhoo, the dress is my recent summer purchase and if you have seen my recent haul on summer shopping with Maa you’d know exactly what I am talking about 🙂

I think the colour is perfect for a day look and the tan wedges just make life so comfortable (and tall) for me. The floral choker gives the right hint of summer vibe to this look and since the neckline is a little low, I took the liberty to team it up with some layered gold pieces.


Outfit details:

  • Dress: H&M
  • Heels: Steve Madden
  • Choker: Shein
  • Necklace: H&M
  • Watch: Daniel Wellington
  • Book: The Heiress by Jude Deveraux 




With Love,


  • Picture Credits: Rushabh Shah, The Tilted Lens
  • Location Courtesy: Mumbai Vibes

The Solitary Reaper

Now is the time you can say, “Oh hello stranger!” I get it. I deserve it, okay? Go on. Say it. I have been pretty much dead on my website for the longest time and you guys have every reason to hate me for leaving you alone for all this time! But can I atleast try and make up for it? Give me a chance?

Enough with the cute talk, if you are reading this, you have probably decided to give me a chance so “HELLO!”

As we close on 2016, I have a total of 4 story posts (I know I am sorry!) that have been in the drafts section of this site for the longest time and deserve that much needed attention. This one is my favourite and my personal best I feel and I am sharing raw unedited pictures straight from the camera. Inspired by a childhood favourite poem, “The Solitary Reaper” this idea and concept came in quite effortlessly. However, I have to admit that the trek up these treacherous hills required some extra efforts! To give you a better understanding of the mood, I have shared the poem below. Enjoy reading!

‘The Solitary Reaper’

Behold her, single in the field,
Yon solitary Highland Lass!
Reaping and singing by herself;
Stop here, or gently pass!
Alone she cuts and binds the grain,
And sings a melancholy strain;
O listen! for the Vale profound
Is overflowing with the sound.

No Nightingale did ever chaunt
More welcome notes to weary bands
Of travellers in some shady haunt,
Among Arabian sands:
A voice so thrilling ne’er was heard
In spring-time from the Cuckoo-bird,
Breaking the silence of the seas
Among the farthest Hebrides.

Will no one tell me what she sings?–
Perhaps the plaintive numbers flow
For old, unhappy, far-off things,
And battles long ago:
Or is it some more humble lay,
Familiar matter of to-day?
Some natural sorrow, loss, or pain,
That has been, and may be again?

Whate’er the theme, the Maiden sang
As if her song could have no ending;
I saw her singing at her work,
And o’er the sickle bending;–
I listened, motionless and still;
And, as I mounted up the hill,
The music in my heart I bore,
Long after it was heard no more.

-William Wordsworth




What is on me:

  • Ikkat Culottes: Inaaya
  • Top: Inaaya
  • Watch: Daniel Wellington
  • Brogues: Street Style Store
  • Hat:


With Love,



  • Concept, Styling, Talent: Shivangi Lahoty
  • Photography: Rushabh Shah, @TheTiltedLens


…because of course, life wasn’t about just following the norms and doing what was “supposedly” the right thing to do. Life was much more than that! You are given a heart for a reason. You are meant to follow it. You are meant to do what you truly wish to do. It’s such a simple ball god has thrown at you and yet you fail to catch it in time. The catch is to be who you are and not mould yourself according to what people expect from you. If you don’t know who you are yet, keep looking. Don’t stop looking. And you’ll find yourself. You will. Believe me you will. Believe yourself you will.

“She wandered like the wanderer that she was. And as she stumbled upon adventures, one after the other, she realized what life was worth.”


Seventies are back in trend, aren’t they? It’s exciting how never having lived in an era, we still get to experience their fashion. This is one of the things about fashion I love: one gets to live it all over again. Sure, it does evolve and there are changes you may or may not like, but it comes back to you.

I was in a conversation with this cousin of mine last week, who lives in SF and was complaining about how he threw away all his bell-bottoms and they are back in trend now. Quick advice: If its good quality, don’t throw it. You can always restyle it in a fun way!

Talking about the 70s, 70s was all about hippie dressing, wide-legged pants, large floral prints and over-sized sunnies. Remember Zeenat Aman and Parveen Babi? Sexy, curvaceous, bold and hippy; these women defined the bohemian soul for me with their effortless styles.


This is my take on the 70s era where I am donning a floral printed maxi from Missa More Clothing with Forever21 strappy sandals and a Hush Puppies bag. I absolutely love the round glasses I happened to have picked from Bandra many months ago and you must have seen me where them on numerous occasions if you follow me on instagram. Nevertheless, they work very well with this look and hence have found their way here.

Bombay isn’t your ultimate winter destination if you are looking for sweaters and leg warmers but maybe that’s what makes me like this city more. To feel the winter vibes, even if just a little, I decided to buy this Navy blue dress instead of a beautiful white one I’d seen on their website. And because no one is paying me, I can take the liberty to give an honest opinion about the outfit. Well, the dress isn’t the best of quality but it is pretty much worth the pocket pinch (INR 1200). If you are a regular online shopper, you’d know that is definitely not a lot. They do have plus-sizes and a lot of stuff on sale right now so you guys might want to check them out. This is my second buy and I can safely say that I am pretty satisfied with the quick delivery if nothing else. I got my parcel delivered the next day of me placing an order which is fast even for Bombay standards.


  • Dress: Miss More Clothing
  • Belt: Mom’s
  • Shoes: Forever 21
  • Bag: Hush Puppies
  • Rings: Forever 21

Until next time. Look retro. Stay stylish. ❤

With Love,



Styling and Modeling: Shivangi Lahoty

Photography: Simran Juneja