Dior Blues

Hello family,

So I read this quote somewhere on the internet and it made me crack up, real hard:

“The worst part of my Mondays is hearing you complain about Mondays.”

Well, I am not rubbing it in your face, but my Monday was pretty darn good. I got some fancy at-home parlour services and well, if you want to know more about that, you should probably check my Snapchat (ID: withloveinaaya) and my Instagram. ❤

Other than that, I really have been meaning to blog about this beautiful shoot we shot a couple of days (or was it weeks?) back at the amazing Asado. The very interiors of this place take you to a different era. Obviously we deemed it fit to use them to the best of our capacities. By we, I mean I and my super rockstar photographer friend Swapnil Junjare who is moving to the States for higher education pretty darn soon. And well I shall miss having him around. 🙂

Now, I was meaning to wear this skirt for a while now and well, what better way than to wear it with a beautiful school blue blazer. I call it school blue because well that’s the colour of most school blazers here. (No, I studied in DPS. No, my school blazer was not blue.) Also did I mention I stitched the skirt? The perks of being a designer are you can totally create something if you don’t find it in the stores. 🙂

The idea here was to create a Dior effect and well, to me atleast, I achieved it partially if not wholly. My beautiful makeup artist did a slight smokey eye for this look and gave me red lips (Anastesia Beverly Hills in the colour Carina). I let my hair loose because shouldn’t a girl let her hair down sometimes! What do you guys feel about the look? Do share your opinions.

Lots of love.

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What is on me?

  • Jacket: Gap, USA
  • Skirt: Self-stitched
  • Pendant: Swarovski India
  • Heels: Charles and Keith
  • Rings: Forever21

Special thanks:

Location: Asado The Cocktail Street

Photographer: Swapnil Junjare

Make-up: Muskaan Sama


Until next time,