10 Frequently Asked Makeup Questions

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Most women love makeup. For me, I was introduced to makeup only after I started blogging. Until then I was a kajal and lip balm girl like most of you may be as well. But well, hello eyeliner! I enjoy makeup as much as I enjoy dressing up today.
This blog is a collaboration with a MUA and Hairstylist, Muskaan Sama where she has very kindly answered 10 FAQ’s about makeup and is sharing her wisdom with the With Love Inaaya family.
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Muskaan Sama, 34, is a hairstylist cum makeup artist hailing from Mumbai. She also runs her own salon Swanky Makeover in Malad. For over 7 years, she has been in the industry and glammed up celebrities and brides. Her Salon has partnered with ZOOM TV for hair and makeup for their show: Let’s design season 3 &4 and Zoom Anchor Hunt 2012. She has  also worked with the likes of Miss Argentina (Micaela Lopez Bianchi), Miss Poland (Beata Stelmaszczyk)and Hollywood actress Ali Faulkner for their respective projects. Other than her numerous TVCs and print ads, Muskaan is a humble down-to-earth person who makes makeup really a fun experience. Here we have 10 FAQ’s Muskaan has answered for us:


Q. How can one do an easy smoky eye? 

A. Smokey eyes can be created easily just with a kohl and a blending brush. All you need to do is follow these steps properly:

  • Apply kohl like an eyeliner and blend immediately with a blending brush.
  • Repeat these steps until you achieve the desired result!
  • So remember: apply, blend and repeat!


Q. Most of us end up making the blush look too artificial, what’s the best tool to blend it evenly?

A. To make the blush look as natural as possible, always after picking up the product, tap the body of the brush against the back of your palm. This will get rid of any excess product!


Q. What is the proper order of applying one’s makeup?

A. These days, thanks to INSTA-MUA’S theres no right or wrong way. But if you want to go by the books, start with concealing any spots. Then apply foundation over it and set it with a compact.

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Q. Is lip liner really a must under lipstick?

A. I recommend the use of lipliners under lipsticks to maintain the durability of the product as well as to enhance the shade and make it look more opaque.


Q. What is that one hack to make your makeup stay longer?

A. My one hack would be to wait and let the product set between each layer!

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Q. How often would you suggest washing of makeup brushes?

A. Washing of makeup brushes depends on the usage. If its for personal use, then it can be done when the brush is visibly carrying products. But for professional use, they are to be washed more frequently. I also spray them with Isopropyl alcohol (97%) before any appointment.


Q. What SPF would you suggest is perfect for the sticky Mumbai weather?

My personal favorite is the Clinique sunscreen, it keeps the face matte even after application.


Q. What is the best brand for foundations?

A. Maybelline is my favorite drugstore brand. for more professional look, I prefer MAC.


Q. Is it okay to apply foundation everyday?

A. It is okay to apply foundation everyday ONLY IF you take it out thoroughly the same day. Keeping your skin clean is essential.


Q. One life saving makeup hack?

A. Since eyebrow gels aren’t big in Indian markets yet, I suggest to use transparent waterproof mascara to keep baby hair away from the face and also to set your eyebrows in a certain way!


Hope this was helpful. Thanks for reading!
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