Dora. Ft. Lavie

She is dreaming. She has to be dreaming. Inaaya thinks as she walks on the lone path. The path is dusty with a tad bit of wind that rustles through the trees and clears an opening for her to walk on. It isn’t as dense as she’d thought it would be. In fact it is a rather wide path. Wide and empty. As she walks into terrains unexplored she’s reminded of her desires to explore the world. What went wrong? she tries recalling. She was a dreamer. She always had been. But then life happened. And reality is no fairytale. When you have bills to pay and a house to keep, you cannot just leave.

But dreams, dreams don’t depend on life. If she couldn’t explore the world wide awake, she could do it in her sleep. And thanks to watching so much of National Geographic and browsing through a zillion travel magazines, her brain didn’t really have to work very hard now. Did it? She giggles at her own little joke and walks around with her bag on her back and her camera in her hand, capturing one memory at a time. And each capture is her stopping time for just a second and preserving it.

When Lavie decided to send this bag over, I had no idea of how I’d style it. I just knew I liked it for the fact that it was a classic black AND it was semi-rain proof. What else can a Mumbai girl ask for? But when the parcel came in, for no particular reason, it invoked my childhood desires to travel the world. Maybe it was the simplicity that appealed to me or maybe it’s versatility, but my instant thoughts were of how I’d carry it around when I travelled. And well, that is when Dora The Explorer and her purple talking bag came to my mind. 🙂

The rest is pretty much evident through the pictures and the story. Go on. Browse through the picture gallery and have fun! For me, this is the ultimate Bohemian wanderlust look. Let me know your thoughts too! 🙂



What is on me:

  • Dress: Forever 21-The dress is an ancient Forever 21 piece from 3 years back and well, I’ve been meaning to wear it for a while now. Although you wouldn’t quite find the same dress now but Forever 21 does have a full new range of boho-inspired dresses. You are welcome. 🙂
  • Shoes: Catwalk- These are again over a decade old (not!) but I absolutely love how they give a very school girl vibe.
  • Fedora hat: Forever21
  • Watch: Michael Kors
  • Polaroid camera: Insta Lumia
  • Diary: Anokhi
  • Bag: Lavie

Picture credits: Shripad Bandekar


Much Love.

Seven Things Men Need To Try (:

Hello lovelies!

I hope you guys had a safe and fun-filled Diwali. I had quite some fun this year getting all dolled up and sharing it with my social media family. If you follow me on Instagram, you’d know better! Thank you for the 3.2K Insta followers! I can’t be thankful enough. You guys are indeed my strength. We are fast-growing, aren’t we?

A lot of you boys out there have been recently approaching me talk to about menswear and fashion trends for men. Since you’ve been so kind with your support and love I’ve decided to do a blog post especially dedicated to all you amazing men out there! A suave gentleman or a street smart and stylish man: women LOVE a well-dressed man. I especially am bonkers over a man in a bowtie. Oopsie! We shouldn’t be discussing my personal favourites yet but since I have already begun to spill the beans we might as well jump to the point! SEVEN STYLES men need to try. Right now. It’s high time, Indian men, specifically start paying more attention to their appearance. I am not saying superficial beauty matters. All I am trying to say is that a well-dressed man is a gift to the society (slightly overdone). These are, thus, seven handpicked safe yet effective ways of adding style to your dressing. Have fun reading!

  1. Suspender Love

Whether dressed up for a business meeting or dressed down to suit the streets of Downtown Manhattan, (or in our case, Bandra, maybe?), a pair of suspenders can instantly give you an edge like no other. They may have been around for a while now but believe you me, they deserve to have survived the toll of time for a reason. Team them with a pair of chinos with a shirt and bow tie for a suave look or go street style with sneakers, torn denims and a vest.


  1. Bow Ties

A man who wears a bow tie is a man I would like to know! Just kidding (not!). Bow ties are the ultimate fashion statement. You could go down the classy road with solid silk/satin bow ties for a formal event or you could get quirky with printed ones to brighten your days! Bowtieswala is an amazing place I found online as I looked around for cool bowties.


  1. Pullover + Shirt

This style of wearing a pullover sweater for the fall is a definite favourite with me. I am extremely fond of how a man looks when he’s wearing a sweater over a shirt. Go solid or opt for prints, this look is an effortless classic. And the safest shirt colour would be white for you if you are one of the timid ones when it comes to experimenting!


  1. Colour ’em Socks

A pair of bright socks under your formal suit: could you imagine a better way of brightening your day? You could start with subtle stripes and checks if you aren’t so sure of how it’d look on you and later move on to brighter colours and bolder prints. Happy Socks is a place you’d defnitely like to visit if you are keen on buying colourfull “happy” socks! Thank me later! 🙂


5. Fall-Ready Over Garments

Warmth is paramount for winter wear clothing. Drop shoulder over sized coats or snug cardigans, invest in a few good ones to get you through the winters. Olive is a colour I’d say you should definitely invest in this fall! Also, a little bit of layering, if not too much, harmed no one! Want to play it safe? Layer in the same colour family. For example, if it is a navy coat, try wearing a navy or blue family scarf and beanie.


  1. Fedora Hats and Swag

Cock your hats: angles are attitudes. Invest in a hat and make sure you get the angle right! The men’s fedora hat has resurfaced from the pile and shall remain to be in trend for a bit so I’d suggest that go hatty with your style!


  1. Bag it up

Why carry the boring backpack or a regular office sling when you have these? A large envelope bag or a patchwork leather bag, the idea is to add fashion to functionality because its these little things that make all the difference to an outfit.


I hope this inspires you to dress up and it’s as fun for you to read as it was for me to write down.

Until next time.

With Love,


PS: Kindly note that all the pictures posted have been taken from the internet and I give full credits to the owners for the same.