15 NIFT Situation Test Questions

Q1. Make a model on-

  • Wind energy
  • Garbage re-cycle
  • Water conservation


Q2. Make a device for-

  • A Gardner
  • A Newspaper Boy
  • A Tea Vendor


Q3. Make a model on-

a) Save girl child

b) Make in India

c) Corruption eradication


Q4. Make a replica of –

a) Pooling booth

b) Toll booth

c) Bus stand


Q5. Make a memento on:

  • Polio eradication
  • Voting
  • Best teacher


Q6. Make an innovative tool for:

  • Car cleaning
  • Tea Vendor


Q7. Create an indoor games room for a kindergarten/nursery.

Q8. Design a cart for a disabled person.

Q9. Create a Flower Vase with creative flowers on the theme “Storm”.

Q10. Make a Dhaba keeping in mind the local culture.

Q11. Make a badge for “save environment” for 22nd century.

Q12. Make a bag for a doctor who is also a first time mother.

Q13. Make a wind chime for a sailor’s home.

Q14. Make a park bench for senior citizens that is inspired by nature.

Q15. Show a kitchen according to family’s lifestyle.

Vintage Summer Vibes

Hola family!

With vacations fast approaching, we are all looking for places we can head out to and explore. I am sure a lot of us would have our Pinterest wanderlust boards in place. Also the new Instagram feature for saving pictures in different boards doesn’t help either 🙂 I ḍig that new feature and have made twenty some boards already! (Just Kidding!)

But the point is, if you can travel, great. No one would be happier than me! But if for whatever reasons you cannot get time out just how I can’t, let me share something I do to make myself feel better: I read.
Cliche as it may sound, books transport you to another world all together. Its magical how mere pages with ink on them can take you to a different space. While growing up The Famous Five series by Enid Blyton used to have that effect on me. They would give me an adrenaline rush each time an adventure would start. I would be Anne sometimes and George on other nights but I would love reading them. Reading helps you evolve. It helps you grow worldly wise. So read, my dear. This is a fashion blog but not all bloggers are dumb hangers you know? Some of us have brains too. And I happen to be an academically sound one. So yes you can discuss your favourite books with me. My all time favourite (other than the HP series , duh) is Shantaram and The Book of Tomorrow.  🙂

Coming to fashion: What am I wearing? I love dresses. I cannot stress enough on how convenient and functional they are. But this one holds a special place because it is a pastel mint with polkas: an absolute eye candy for a retro era lover like yours truly!
Anyhoo, the dress is my recent summer purchase and if you have seen my recent haul on summer shopping with Maa you’d know exactly what I am talking about 🙂

I think the colour is perfect for a day look and the tan wedges just make life so comfortable (and tall) for me. The floral choker gives the right hint of summer vibe to this look and since the neckline is a little low, I took the liberty to team it up with some layered gold pieces.


Outfit details:

  • Dress: H&M
  • Heels: Steve Madden
  • Choker: Shein
  • Necklace: H&M
  • Watch: Daniel Wellington
  • Book: The Heiress by Jude Deveraux 




With Love,


  • Picture Credits: Rushabh Shah, The Tilted Lens
  • Location Courtesy: Mumbai Vibes

Book Lover’s Paradise

I’ve always enjoyed reading. Even as a kid, I have enjoyed the joys of losing myself to a different world, a world of words. Libraries have always been my paradise. And book stores too. I’d seen this post by Mark Zuckerberg in the beginning of 2016 stating how he’d made a resolution in 2015 to read a new book every other week of the year. It stayed with me. And I thought why not? So far it’s been really great. I’ve read over 5 books this year and I am on my 6th one by Cecelia Ahern. Its called The Marble Collector.

Fashion blogging to me means more than just dressing up and looking pretty. Like everything else, I like it to have a story too. A story that speaks visually. As the blog grows and evolves, I find myself finding more ways of expressing myself. It’s fun finding stories in mundane scenes. This was yet another experiment and I dearly hope you like it. 🙂






What is on me?

  • Top: Wills Lifestyle
  • Pinafore: Stalk Buy Love
  • Shoes: Zara
  • Stockings: Steve Madden


Location: Libraria, Prahladnagar

Until Next Time!

Much Love.