Summer. Stripes.

“Inaaya hadn’t slept well for the last few weeks. The setting of the sun haunted her every night.  It reminded her of dark, cold empty chambers of her heart she didn’t want to visit. She struggled to sleep. The darkness around her was too overbearing. All she could think of was the loneliness that surrounded her. She wasn’t used to sleeping alone. The night whispered into her ears and her deepest fears started to creep in. There was anxiety. And then there was fear. She tossed and turned all night long and walked the empty corridors of nowhere in her dreams only to realise that light was not at the end of the tunnel: the light was within her. She was always alone. Everyone is. But she had herself atleast. And this was enough to ignite a spark and guide her back home. At least for the time being. In her heart she knew, this was the beginning of the end. Inaaya had never felt this way before. But she kept going in hope of making it work. She did not understand a simple fact that sometimes things aren’t meant to fall in place. Sometimes they are just supposed to not work out. And that is the beauty in them… she was to discover that soon though. The emptiness in her heart was a cavity not willing to fill itself. She struggled to keep the pieces intact. She struggled to smile and yet she did. She still looked up at life and smiled in the face. She was desperate, anxious, depressed even, but she wasn’t a quitter. But she knew deep down that the smile was a mask only for the world. Beneath it all, she crumbled. Silently. (: Everyday. Did it matter, though? Not really, she sighed. I’d brought this upon myself. I deserve eternal damnation for what I have done. For what I have lost, she whispered. 

If my stories are depressing you, let me know and I promise to stop. It is just easier this way. Coming here and writing my deepest thoughts and fantasies. 🙂

Anyhoo, hoe are you guys doing? How is summer coming along? It is freaking 42 degree Celsius in Ahmedabad and I am boiling every minute. The heat is just too over bearing! But that is all the more reasons to post good summer looks, no? This one here is inspired by the striped trend which is not going out of fashion anytime soon. The skirt is actually something I stitched myself. I am very proud of it! 🙂

What is on me:

  • Top: H&M
  • Skirt: Self-stitched
  • Watch: Daniel Welligton
  • Bag: Lavie
  • Shoes: H&M

With love,


Minnie Mouse. Ft. Winkk

Hello Family!

How is everyone doing? Can you believe that we are already nearing the end of 2016? With my birthday around the corner and so much happening on the work front, I haven’t had the time to go birthday shopping hence I have been just shopping online! 😀 I am almost done emptying my account for this month with just a few things I feel I need: Sunglasses. But one thing I suck at is shopping for glasses. Honestly, I need opinions from 20 different people and am not convinced that easy.

Getting the right eye wear can be quite tricky after all. Either it doesn’t fit well on your face or it exceeds your budget. And when you do find something that is reasonably priced, you have to be open to the idea that the quality would be compromised upon. Don’t we all face it? We go to an optical store with a fixed budget in mind. We have our own ideas of what we want. But do the sales executives get it? I doubt. They take extreme pleasure in showing us frames that are way out of our budget and then convince us into buying them. But the dilemma doesn’t truly end here. After 30 minutes of trying on various frames and innumerable selfies, when you finally decide on a pair (after mentally calculating the prices!), you are very conveniently informed that they have some really hi-fi lenses which are better than the regular ones and they would come at an additional cost. If it’s sunglasses, they would come up with these really tech names and convince you that why the expensive ones are better for your eyes!If you have the heart to spend an atrocious amount of money on a pair of glasses, great. Otherwise, the stressful cycle of selecting frames within your budget begins again.

But what if I told you that there is someone out there making your task easier? Someone who makes good quality frames which are afforable and fashionable? Someone who makes shoppingfor glasses a fun experience? You heard me right. Enter, Winkk. A young startup with the core idea of making eye wear shopping a lot simpler and affordable, Winkk runs through an online ecommerce website. And true to their word, their glasses are priced all under Rs. 2000, which is honestly pretty reasonable. The brand was established with a vision to create a platform that is honest and makes shopping for optical products easy, economical and fun. Trusting on their claim, I decided to order a pair of sunglasses from their website. When the parcel came in was I satisfied or what! The delivery happened within 3 working days and the product was exactly as the picture had suggested. What I also liked about them was their “Custom Eyes” feature. How the feature works is that a customer can upload a selfie and a team of virtual stylists at Winkk will get to work like little minions and shortlist a few styles for the customer. A personal touch with technicality know-how, it’s worth giving a try. No? And all at zero additional cost. You pay for the product, the services come complimentary. Being a designer and a fashion blogger, I am supposed to be a better judge of what would suit my face type and look good on me, and I accept I am really sorted on what I want. However, online shopping can be really tricky. Without actually wearing or trying something on, buying clothes is still okay because you have a set standard measurement chart. But when it comes to glasses, it has to not just fit but also suit your face type. No? Hence, when you have services that take care of this one major issue we all face, life is pretty much sorted! A fun fact about Winkk, which is also a noble fact is that they donate a pair of glasses to the needy for every purchase made. Isn’t that the sweetest?

You can check out their website here.

You can check out their Custom Eyes feature here.

You can buy the same sunnies I bought for myself here.


What is on me:

  • Overalls, Hair band and Top: Forever 21
  • Shoes: Zara
  • Bag: Street Shopping, Bangalore
  • Sunnies: Winkk

Let me know how you like them!

Love and Light,


The. Classic. Diwali

Happy Diwali!


I have been forever busy with preparations for a few new things planned with my label and that has pretty much kept me off social media. So well this is my come back effort to coax you guys into liking me again. Okay? Sharing a few pictures from the second look I shot with Sohail! 🙂

We kept it really subtle and classic for this one. A classic bandgala suit for Sohail in black and black shoes was enough to give him that suave look. And well I wore a white on white kurta set with a contrast dupatta. I kept it really subtle with pearl jhumkas and bangles and a pretty gold clutch to accessorize my look!





Until tomorrow.

With Love,



  • Photography: Rushabh Shah, The Tilted Lens
  • Concept and styling: Shivangi Lahoty, With Love Inaaya
  • Special Thanks: Sohail Khan, Khan’s Couture

Raining Colours

Hola Peeps!

How are the monsoon showers treating you all? Monsoons are my favourite time of the year. Why?

Let me, maybe start from the start? I was raised in a small town in upper Assam with mountains and lush greenery as companions. Dikhow river was at a walkable distance and so were numerous tea gardens. When you see so much greenery around you, this is enough evidence to prove that it must rain a lot there. And well it did.

Mumbai rains remind me of Assam. The smell of wet mud and fresh grass, it takes me back to Assam, where I lived the first 15 years of my now nomadic life. 15 years that framed my character and made me who I am today. In a fast paced world that is pretty colourless, the rains fill colour in it for me. In a world that’s always in a rush, rains force me to pause, even if I don’t want to. And maybe that’s what I enjoy the most about them. It rains colours for me. Does it for you too? (:


About the look:

I decided on wearing my cute cat-print skater dress with stockings today. Because why not! And yes I am guilty of enjoying wearing black and white way too much these days! Blame it on the fact that they are so versatile. Remember I’d said these Zara shoes are the best? I meant it. I practically have no shoes that’ll get me through the Monsoons like this one will. I did pay a steep price for these (Rs. 3499, I think) but it is worth every penny. I wear them almost every day with every outfit and somehow it ends up looking classy. It may burn a hole in your pocket, but it’ll be worth it. Trust me. ❤

What is on me:

  • Skater Dress: H&M
  • Stockings: Thrifted
  • Shoes: Zara
  • Jacket: Promod
  • Bag: Aldo
  • Hat: Forever21
  • Umbrella: I bought it from Andheri Lokhandwala. I don’t remember the name of the shop but it was in the lane of Wok Express, Jean Claude Biguine and all of that. There is a Dosa guy right next to the store! He makes the crunchiest dosas by the way! Ask for Paneer Onion Dosa. You are welcome.


With Love,


Photographer: Shripad Bandekar

Colouring Book

Inaaya walked down the lanes of an unknown terrain and found that suddenly the world was a colouring book. Imagine the joy in her heart and the glee on her face when she saw that all that she once believed in, was actually a reality. Growing up is a gradual process. As you start believing in what everybody tells you is right and wrong, you stop believing in yourself and your beliefs. Santa Claus, Tooth Fairy, a happily ever after: all of it becomes too crazy to believe. You laugh at them. Life laughs at you in return..

You stop believing in making things happen and start doing what is being done. You stop challenging ideas and start accepting everything as it is. Life becomes pretty much black and white. But happiness? It’s still there. It doesn’t leave you. Lurking in a corner inviting you to open yourself up, colours are still out there. You just have to close your eyes, take a deep breath, smile and think what is your best childhood memory. And believe me, that first memory will take you down the same lanes Inaaya walked into. She went in as a grown up but a little girl walked out of them that day. And as she laughed and giggled, a little hope in life was restored again. ❤

The many lanes of Bandra are filled with some of the most beautiful murals and graffiti. Some tell me that parts of Bandra are a lot like Goa. I wouldn’t know. I completed 5 years in Bombay this June and I still haven’t been to Goa. Call me a nerd, but being a class topper requires focus. Today when I think about it, I lost out on precious time while I was studying and kids were exploring. But I have no regrets. Because I believe in fate. If it’s meant to be, it’ll happen. Getting back to this post, Off-shoulders are a serious trend this season. Whether you have flabby arms or not, a broad shoulder or a rather tiny one, they look extremely good on every body type. Investing in them is definitely advisable these summers. The striped skirt is self-designed and self-stitched but you could get similar skirts online on Koovs. No, they are not paying me. I just thought I’ll be nice. 🙂



What is on me:

  • Top: Divaat
  • Skirt: Self-stitched
  • Shoes: Zara
  • Bag: Aldo
  • Choker: A black ribbon I tied around my neck(!)


With Love,



PS- Tried editing the sad raw pictures to the best of my ability 🙂

Urban Boho Chic

Hola family!

For a very long time now, I’ve been confused between dressing up boho or retro. While there are days when I wake up willing to be retro with polka dots, big sunnies and high waisted skirts, there are other days when I want to just be dressed easy and breezy in a chic boho dress with a statement neck piece and some gladiators as company. Now I’ve made peace with the fact that I can be whoever I want to be and it doesn’t matter, as long as I am happy. This was my boho chic moment. I’ve honestly never worn a more revealing piece of outfit and this crop top was definitely not bought the moment I saw it. I’d thought and reconsidered this purchase a couple of times before risking it. Its hardly worth Rs. 400 but money was not my reason of concern here. It was the top in itself. My advice to women who are afraid of wearing deep necks? Don’t be. If the cut is too deep for you, layer it with a statement necklace and you’d be good to go. Don’t fret over it too much. Its okay. And well, if I can so can you.


“She felt the power in her steps as she walked around. It was her very demeanor that commanded attention. She didn’t need to make an effort. Her only effort was her very existence. A girl who was once too timid to even wear her hair differently today walked around the city in her high heels and fancy hats. To some it may seem unimportant, but Inaaya knew what it meant to her. All her life, she’d always been hidden behind her books and trophies but not anymore. That was in the past. Today, she knew that the trophies didn’t make her special. She made them important. Sipping through her Hazelnut Latte which read “Agent Carter”, she effortlessly glided and laughed quietly remembering the good old days of slippers and kurtis. If only they knew who she once was. If only they knew who was under this so-called disguise. If only they knew she was as vulnerable and scared as them. But they’d never know. Because she’d never show. And she smiled ever so slightly at her own little joke.”

IMG_2716 (1)IMG_2680IMG_2718IMG_2712



Outfit details:

  • Hat: Forever 21
  • Top: Forever 21
  • Pants: Forever 21
  • Shoes: Forever 21
  • Necklace: Bandra
  • Sunnies: Bandra
  • Watch: DKNY



With Love,




Photo credits: Akash Pandey

DIY Drape Saree (:

Hello lovelies!

Gone are the days when one would associate black as a not-so festive colour. Today, we’ve arrived at a place in the fashion industry that doesn’t require us to limit our creative streak within the four walls of colour, size, occasion and age. Designers are mixing prints with prints. Celebrities are dressing up as hippies. It’s very encouraging and motivating to see fashion reach a junction where nothing is a “tabo”: a place where fashion is actually taken as a serious form of art and dressing up a technique to express your creativity. Black is one such colour that has been a constant companion in fashion’s journey so far. From attending a funeral to boardroom presentations, a coffee date to a wedding, you can pretty much wear it anywhere provided you know the art to style it! And well, black adds that much required modernity to any outfit. So why not go black this festive season? It makes you look slimmer. It adds that oomph factor AND it is a multi-faceted versatile colour.

Sonam Kapoor in Half saree drape or Anamika khanna saree style drape.jpg

(Image courtesy: Pernia’s Pop Up)

In this look, I decided to go tribal and colourful. Since it was the last look of the series, I really wanted it to end on a note where you don’t just read it and never try it but where you actually get the motivation to get off your bum and DIY! A lot of times in life we fail to muster the courage to do something that we’d have done otherwise due to lack of motivation or pure lethargy. Either ways, it is a shame. Honestly, I have been there plenty of times and not liked it. SO! We are doing a DIY Anamika Khanna Saree! Haven’t we all drooled over the beautiful drapes and the ever-so-stunning effect it has on you? A lot of us must have. So here’s your chance to wear one. And the fun part? You make it yourself!

Steps to follow:

  • Get up from your bed/study/sofa.
  • Open your wardrobe.
  • Get out that black tee and those black leggings (which every woman in the world MUST have. If you don’t, like I always say and do: Open your mom’s closet).
  • Rummage through your festive clothes and find a dupatta you like the best. I chose a black dupatta from an old Navratri lehenga. It could be anything but I’d suggest a leheriya or bandhani considering this is a Navratri look.
  • Tuck one end of the dupatta in your legging. Take it around your body just how you would with a saree and drape it!

Gold and silver enhance the black more so I went for some tribal silver jewelry. I styled it really minimal since the whole emphasis point of this outfit is the drape saree. The whole look reminds me of ancient India. Also, thanks to the background, I REALLY did feel like one of the sculptures you’d see in the Surya Temple, Odisa.

What do you have to say about it? Please leave your comments.IMG_1982





“The blazing sun couldn’t stop her from shining. And as she closed her eyes to soak in the summer heat, a blow of a kiss touched her warm cheeks and left her with a smile on her lips and butterflies in her heart! “

What am I wearing?

  • Tee: Forever21
  • Leggings: Mom’s closet
  • Dupatta: Old Lehenga
  • Jewelry: Law Garden

With Love,