Seven Tips To Make The Best Of Sale Season

Hello family!

How is everyone coping with the sale season? I don’t know about me but my wallet  is definitely not doing well. It seems to have lost some weight lately. How about yours? If you understood what I meant, you should be smiling like an idiot while looking at your screen right now (not necessarily, you could be frowning at my lack of ability to joke as well. It’s a free country!). If not, well what I meant was, are you as broke as I am? 🙂

Sale season is that time of the year when most brands put out their last season’s products up for grab at a reasonably decent price for us the buyers. The reason why that is a win-win situation for both parties is because:

  • With every new season comes a new collection and no one would lay hands on designs that were from a season back. Putting it out on sale is the store’s last hope of making some money on pieces that’ll be dead stock otherwise.
  • Buyers get things at a relatively cheaper price so well who wouldn’t be happy on saving a little money?

A few things I keep in mind while shopping. I am serious about these:

  • List things: Maintain a list of things you actually need which are otherwise too expensive. You don’t have to write it down on paper per say. You could write it down on your phone or text it to your mom. For the record, I do the latter. This ensures you know your essential requirements and helps you plan. Also, if you have a cool mom like mine, your mom might actually remind you of something if you forget 🙂


  • Set a budget: Unless you are an Ambani or a Birla, you don’t have a never ending source of money. Spend wisely. YES. I am saying it. Splurging on things just because you like them is not just a waste of money but REALLY a waste of space too. Where would you keep all the trash once you’ve bought it? 🙂


  • Track your brands: Keep checking on your favourite brands for when is it going on discount. Shopping is a serious business and if you want to make the most of sale season so that you don’t burn a hole in your pocket later or lose out on your sizes and styles, make sure you keep a track of when your favourite stores are entering sale. Check with them when you are in the mall or have your number in their contact list. Most brands send out messages for their loyal customers for a preview or if not a preview, atleast details of their next sale.


  • Don’t buy it because it’s cheap: A lot of us face this difficulty while we are shopping. We see the price tag and go crazy because it is available for cheap. It’s not a smart practice. If you don’t need it, even if it is just worth Rs. 500 it is a WASTE of money. You could have spent it on something better.



  • Shop Smart: Shop for classics and not fads. Now what is a classic? A product that remains in trend and is fashionable regardless of what year you are living in. For example: A white shirt is a classic. A fad is something that fades out with fashion, for eg. cheetah print was in trend at one point but no longer (thank god for that!).

Fashionable young woman shopping in a clothing store.

  • Buy your size: The temptation to shop for items that have their prices slashed down can be immense. I agree. But don’t lose control and shop for the wrong sizes. Buying a pair of denims that are too tight or a skirt that is too short may be a waste. Part with your money only if you think the item in question is actually a perfect fit for you.


  • My last tip for you all is a list of things you could invest in:
  1. A classic black/white/red/orange/pink/navy/yellow tee: One cannot have enough of tees and well, they NEVER go out of style. They are wardrobe staples after all. AND available at MAXIMUM discounts usually.
  2. A pair of denims: Invest in the colours you don’t have. Black, white, grey, blue. Distressed denims will continue be in trend coming fall as well, so I can safely say you can invest in them.
  3. Biker Jacket: Whether it’s denim, corduaroy or leather, biker jackets never go out of style
  4. White shirt: One can never have enough whites. Versatile, fashionable and ever-green, you could always invest in another white shirt this sale season
  5. Light sweaters and sweatshirts: With winters soon approaching, investing a few light sweaters for fall is not a bad idea really. Go for basic colours and you’d be fine.

Hope this helps you. If you have any tips, feel free to share them in the comments section! 🙂

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Seven Easy Back To School Looks

Hola Peeps!

I haven’t blogged in a while now and a major reason why that is the case is because:

  • a) I’ve been busy working on the Youtube Channel
  • b) I’ve had no Wifi at my residence for over ten days
  • c) It’s raining cats and dogs here in Mumbai, and well monsoons make me super lazy!

Are these excuses good enough? Or do you want me to come up with something more substantial? Just kidding. Getting back to this post, since sessions are starting for most schools in India pretty soon, I thought of coming up with a compilation of 7 Easy college looks that are cute as a button. Honestly these looks were done a while back but for me they are pretty much still my favourites for this season. The weather here in Bombay is pretty chilly at the moment and thus, you’ll see a lot of layering and maybe a light sweater here and there.

So just browse through and let me know how you like this post? Also, fair disclaimer, you shall see a lot of denim in here because I personally think they are quite fashionable and classic. You are free to wear a plaid shirt instead of a denim shirt, that could look quite interesting too. 🙂

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Seven Haircuts To Try: 2016 Edition

Hello there!

How is everyone doing? I am not in one of my best forms, have been better. But well, that doesn’t stop me from blogging and talking to you all. ❤

I’ve been asked by a lot of you through DMs and messages on what haircuts to go for after you saw my super cool haircut (Just kidding!). I am so grateful to each one of you for the compliments and love you’ve showered upon me the last few months. Blogging has definitely been the best decision I ever made. It made me realize that there are so many wonderful people out there in the world I never knew existed. Coming to you guys whenever I feel low is a wonderful feeling. With all honesty, you guys are now a big part of my tiny little heart, so thank you. (:

And well, since you insisted (not!), I decided on doing one of my “SEVEN” best blogs for you. If you don’t know what I mean, you need to read this and this. 🙂

So here is a list of Seven Hairstyles you should definitely try this season. They are not arranged in order of preference so I love number 8 as much as number 1! Gotcha! There is NO number 8. Okay, Sorry.

  1. Layered Bob/Lob: Whether you have poker straight hair or wavy ones, this one is an absolute joy to have! It’s sexy and it’s low maintenance. Although if you do have voluminous hair you might need a little mouse to texturize it and tone it down. But if your hair is limp, this cut will give an added illusion of volume.
Recently Updated1
Layered Bob/Lob
  1. Bob With Bangs: Cute as cute can get, bangs are my favourite this season (for obvious reasons) but bangs with a short bob takes the cuteness a notch higher. If you really wish to chop off your hair, this is a haircut I am betting will make heads turn. Although I do recommend side swept bangs for a round face. Front bangs with a short bob on a round face may be a little overwhelming to have.
Recently Updated2
Bob With Bangs
  1. Over Grown Layers: If Selena Gomez has them, you shouldn’t need any further convincing. For all the women out there who are afraid to cut their length short but still want a change, this haircut is a classic. It’s modest and in vogue. I also like the fact that it works well with straight and wavy hair both.
Recently Updated3
Over Grown Layers
  1. Asymmetrical Angled Lob: An edgy haircut that’s trending this year is the asymmetrical lob. Although I would never muster the courage to try this (I have this thing about things looking symmetrical), if you don’t suffer from the same disorder I do, go give it a shot and share pictures with me!
Recently Updated4
Asymmetrical Angled Lob
  1. Bangs with Long Hair: Yay! You know why this remains to be on the list right? If not, you should probably click here. Duh. Anyways, another long hair favourite, this haircut is adorable for more than one reason and it makes you look much younger than you actually are. So give it a try. A couple of my friends/followers have actually taken cues and gotten this cut already but if you haven’t yet, I’d suggest you give it a shot. But let me be honest, you don’t wake up looking like this. Atleast I don’t. Its all over my head like a halo. But it can be tamed. No need to stress out.
Recently Updated5
Bangs with Long Hair
  1. Angled Bob: Edgy yet feminine for some reason, this is a haircut you must try if you intend on going for a bob. You could keep them straight, wavy or curl them a little. That’s totally on you. But don’t they look amazing in side pictures? drools
Recently Updated
Regular Angled Lob
  1. Pixie Cut: Are you really an experimentalist? If yes, this is a haircut you must try. I do feel it looks best on angular faces with a strong law line though. But if you are round faced like how I am, and strong headed like how I am, you’ll get it regardless. 🙂
Pixie Cut


I hope this article helped you in some way and gave you inspirations for your next visit to a hair salon. If you have any suggestions, please feel free to write in the comments section below or DM me on Instagram or inbox me on Facebook. If you want tips on what haircut would suit your face type, send me a picture of you on the above portals and I promise to get back to you. ❤

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All pictures in this post are from various sources and we give full credits to the owners whosoever. All copyrights belong to their respective owners. These images are not intended to generate income for the artists or the writer and are being used only as references.

Seven Things Men Need To Try (:

Hello lovelies!

I hope you guys had a safe and fun-filled Diwali. I had quite some fun this year getting all dolled up and sharing it with my social media family. If you follow me on Instagram, you’d know better! Thank you for the 3.2K Insta followers! I can’t be thankful enough. You guys are indeed my strength. We are fast-growing, aren’t we?

A lot of you boys out there have been recently approaching me talk to about menswear and fashion trends for men. Since you’ve been so kind with your support and love I’ve decided to do a blog post especially dedicated to all you amazing men out there! A suave gentleman or a street smart and stylish man: women LOVE a well-dressed man. I especially am bonkers over a man in a bowtie. Oopsie! We shouldn’t be discussing my personal favourites yet but since I have already begun to spill the beans we might as well jump to the point! SEVEN STYLES men need to try. Right now. It’s high time, Indian men, specifically start paying more attention to their appearance. I am not saying superficial beauty matters. All I am trying to say is that a well-dressed man is a gift to the society (slightly overdone). These are, thus, seven handpicked safe yet effective ways of adding style to your dressing. Have fun reading!

  1. Suspender Love

Whether dressed up for a business meeting or dressed down to suit the streets of Downtown Manhattan, (or in our case, Bandra, maybe?), a pair of suspenders can instantly give you an edge like no other. They may have been around for a while now but believe you me, they deserve to have survived the toll of time for a reason. Team them with a pair of chinos with a shirt and bow tie for a suave look or go street style with sneakers, torn denims and a vest.


  1. Bow Ties

A man who wears a bow tie is a man I would like to know! Just kidding (not!). Bow ties are the ultimate fashion statement. You could go down the classy road with solid silk/satin bow ties for a formal event or you could get quirky with printed ones to brighten your days! Bowtieswala is an amazing place I found online as I looked around for cool bowties.


  1. Pullover + Shirt

This style of wearing a pullover sweater for the fall is a definite favourite with me. I am extremely fond of how a man looks when he’s wearing a sweater over a shirt. Go solid or opt for prints, this look is an effortless classic. And the safest shirt colour would be white for you if you are one of the timid ones when it comes to experimenting!


  1. Colour ’em Socks

A pair of bright socks under your formal suit: could you imagine a better way of brightening your day? You could start with subtle stripes and checks if you aren’t so sure of how it’d look on you and later move on to brighter colours and bolder prints. Happy Socks is a place you’d defnitely like to visit if you are keen on buying colourfull “happy” socks! Thank me later! 🙂


5. Fall-Ready Over Garments

Warmth is paramount for winter wear clothing. Drop shoulder over sized coats or snug cardigans, invest in a few good ones to get you through the winters. Olive is a colour I’d say you should definitely invest in this fall! Also, a little bit of layering, if not too much, harmed no one! Want to play it safe? Layer in the same colour family. For example, if it is a navy coat, try wearing a navy or blue family scarf and beanie.


  1. Fedora Hats and Swag

Cock your hats: angles are attitudes. Invest in a hat and make sure you get the angle right! The men’s fedora hat has resurfaced from the pile and shall remain to be in trend for a bit so I’d suggest that go hatty with your style!


  1. Bag it up

Why carry the boring backpack or a regular office sling when you have these? A large envelope bag or a patchwork leather bag, the idea is to add fashion to functionality because its these little things that make all the difference to an outfit.


I hope this inspires you to dress up and it’s as fun for you to read as it was for me to write down.

Until next time.

With Love,


PS: Kindly note that all the pictures posted have been taken from the internet and I give full credits to the owners for the same. 

Seven Trends To Watch Out For This Season!

Hi lovelies!

When you come to a fashion blog, aren’t you looking for the best tips on what is in trend? Well, keeping my promise, I wanted to devote the first post completely to fashion updates and trends. Fashion is not a walk down 5th Avenue only, but also in the numerous lanes of Benaras or Bombay. You don’t need to splurge to be fashionable. You need to be comfortable in your own skin to be fashionable. Being skinny or fat, short or tall, fair or dark has nothing to do with who you are and how you dress yourself. This blog is all about making you feel good about yourself, embracing yourself and loving yourself. And well, in the process, taking risks and exploring your creative self!

Winters are soon arriving and well, there will be a gradual change in how you style your looks. This is an effort to compile 7 must-haves this season.

So, what are the SEVEN trends you should watch out for?

1. Fringes    

Fringes have filled the New York Fashion Week Runway and well, they deserve their moment of glory! Although fringes in general can be a tricky trend to pull off, one can try teaming them up with a coat as an overlay.  From Mongol to Ralph Lauren Polo, designers seem to be in love with this trend. And well, so are we!

TIP: If you are not really sure of whether you’ll be able to carry them fringes, take it slow! Invest in a good fringy hand bag or a pair of fringe detailed footwear!

Fringe Style

2. Co-ordinates

Coordinates are what we call effortless clothing. You can hardly go wrong with this trend. I mean the outfit is already pre-decided. You don’t have to go through the hassle of deciding and pairing things up. Personally, they are my favourites. They don’t require much effort and yet they look so chic. While the solid coordinates are a classic, you can go all out there with the printed ones as well!

TIP: Try keeping it minimal with the accessories?  You don’t want the attention to go away from the outfit.


3. Culottes

I see culottes as every girl’s best friend this season. With the treacherous unpredictable rains in Mumbai, women want to look classy and practical. Enter culottes. Your solution to looking classy yet ready for the worst!

TIP: Oh lord. Go crazy with styling these beauties. The innumerous ways in which these can be styled is amazing.


4. Bohemian Vibes

With the 70s hitting us on the face with its flared boot cuts and high-waisted skirts, bohemia seems to be in the air. From statement necklaces to colourful tribal accessories, bright prints to tan boots: Bohemian Vibes have hit the market and how!

TIP: India being so rich in textiles and culture has a very strong connect with Bohemia.Try the Rajasthani Mojris?


5. Marsala

Pantone colour of the year 2015, this colour has been on the lips, nails and clothes of too many celebrities. And well, why not! It’s a brilliant flattering colour. With winters fast arriving, you may want to opt for this dark and very “FALL” colour!

Tip: Teaming it with a mustard and tan is ❤


6. Ripped Denims

Denims are a classic trend that’ll never die (hopefully). While they remain to be in trend and control, there are changes that time demands. Hence: The ripped denim. The markets are flooded with these currently and well, you still can’t have enough of them!

TIP: Don’t go for the ripped holes if you aren’t comfortable at first. You can start with the shredded ones and see how it goes.


7. Sneakers

Fashion and comfort together is such a pleasure! The sneaker trend is one you should definitely invest in! Whether it’s the athletic sports shoes or the wedges, they add an oomph factor to any mundane outfit.

TIP: White sneakers should be a staple in your wardrobe this season. MUST-HAVE.


Until next time!

With Love,


PS: The images used in this post are not mine and I give full credit to the owner for them. 🙂