A New Realm


Lips of velvet pursed and trembling;

Eyes searching for quests unsolved,

She entered the gates of a new realm,

When dimness turned to dawn.

Feet shivering to find their ground;

Heart thumping too loud,

Oh! the tension could be sensed 

in the way she stumbled around.

Pretty faces powdered white;

Long line at the bar behind,

Eyes Piercing through delicate lace,

Alas! There was no place to hide.

Unsure steps marked her entry;

Submissive and quite,

She struggled to stand tall

In a world full of lies.

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Hola family!

Hope everyone is doing well. This is a throwback post because it never made it out of my drafts folder for some reason! The poem was written in darker times but was the inspiration behind this shoot. I hope you understand it if not relate to it. We all go through paths that aren’t lit but the idea is to always remember that there is light at the end of every tunnel. To the times gone by and the times that are yet to come, I smile. 🙂

What is on me:

  • Dress: Splash
  • Heels: Talons Dor
  • Sunnies: Ralph Lauren
  • Sling: Aldo

Also, how do you like my shoes? Talons D’or have a customized shoe service where they let you design your own shoe. You can go through their services here. I designed these mint heels quite conveniently using their website and it was quite fun. Let me know how you guys like their services!  They offer wedding customizations too. Happy shopping, you guys!

Photo credits: Swapnil Junjare

Location: Asado, The Cocktail Street

With Love,




High. School. Musical.

Okay! What is your favourite teenage movie? A movie that you had watched over and over again and yet if it was playing on TV you would leave all work at hand and sit in front of the idiot box? While growing up, High School Musical was one of my favourite movies. Judge me all you want but a major reason why I dearly loved it was because of the styling. Okay Zac Efron too But well, I looked up to these cool characters who would be always on top of their dressing game. I was so inspired by them that I would try and dress up as Vanessa for any event we had in school. While curating this look, the movie was probably somewhere running in the back of my head because the look totally reminds me of HSM!  Does it to you too? If not, great. You can just forget everything I just said and consider this to be a college look created for you. 🙂

Now about the look, a cute nerdy style never goes out of fashion. While one part of me would end up going to college in chappals and kurtis most days, the other part would want to look presentable and cute. THIS is the latter part talking obviously. I decided to team a floral short dress with a denim shirt and wore white sneakers with them, not because they are in trend (which they SO are!) but because it is practical to wear sneakers when you have so much walking around to do in your campus. A casual chic look that doesn’t require much efforts and will allow you to fit in if you are a character from HSM for sure. Haha! Jokes aside, the milkmaid braid? Definitely a keeper.


What is on me?

  • Dress: Mango
  • Shirt: Promod
  • Shoes: Max
  • Bag: Kazo

With Love,



Mustardy Blues (:

Hello there!

Fair disclaimer: There are millions of pending blog posts that have been literally lying in the drafts section of my blog for over 5 weeks now and well, HAHAHA evil laugh, I shall be boring you with all of them for the next few days so stay tuned for that! Also, I have this weird eye allergy which is not letting me shoot at the moment. Hopefully it will get better in the next few days and allow me to get back to shooting some cool styles for you guys. Also, did I ask? I guess not. 🙂 How is everyone doing? I have been great but I missed coming here and writing my heart out.

Talking about this look: This here is a street style look that took quite some thinking. Frankly, tomboy biker jacket kinda street style is not my expertise. But I did try it for a change because well, isn’t that what fashion is made of? Embracing new styles and owning them? Anyways, mustard and blue remain to be in trend for Fall16 and hence, I have very generously used both the colours to create this look. My fringes are now growing back and so is the length of my hair. In the humid Mumbai weather, milkmaid hairdos remain to be my current favourite and correctly so: hassle-free, great for hot days, cute, and manageable.



What is on me?

  • Shirt: Mango
  • Pants: Chemistry
  • Heels: Qupid shoes
  • Bag: Shein
  • Choker: Shein
  • Jacket: Vero Moda
  • Sunglasses: Armani

With Love,


Fifth Avenue Ft. Fancy Pants

Hey there!

This is my New York Fifth Avenue Tribute. Quite honestly, the last few weeks have been really nostalgic for me. I’ve been reminiscing my time in the States like never before. I’ve also been thinking over how if I’d started blogging back then, my growth would have been much different and maybe better. But then I have to literally calm myself down and remind myself that I was right to have done what I did back then and I am right doing what I am doing right now. Does that make sense? Fortunately it made sense to me then and helped me calm down a little. We can’t change the past. Haven’t a zillion people already told us that? Then what are the regrets for? When you cannot undo or do something about the past. why crib and cry over it? What you CAN do is change your future by working on your present. So I am trying to focus my energy on that. 

In a fast paced world like ours, pausing is a luxury. No one does it. It’s too risky. “What if people move ahead of me?” “What if I can’t walk as fast later?”
Questions like these bother most all the time. That and the insecurity of being left behind. So we keep running. Aimlessly. Shamelessly. We keep running to not be the last ones.

Inaaya was bothered as well. In the rat race to move ahead, she was losing touch with herself. She was losing her identity. She was losing her voice. She was soon becoming one of them. She knew it. But sometimes knowing is not enough. Sometimes, in life, you need someone to tell you, to guide you. So she kept looking for that someone. Until her conscience finally asked her “Stop it. Will you?” And her only response was a sigh. “Finally you asked.”

IMG_4250 copy


IMG_4201 copy

IMG_4213 copy

IMG_4197 copy



IMG_4282 copy.jpg



What is on me:

  • Top: Fancypants
  • Denims: Armani
  • Heels: Forever 21
  • Choker: Fancypants
  • Sling: Fancypants
  • Sunnies: Fancypants


With Love,



Photography credits: Prabhu



All rights reserved. (C)

Raining Colours

Hola Peeps!

How are the monsoon showers treating you all? Monsoons are my favourite time of the year. Why?

Let me, maybe start from the start? I was raised in a small town in upper Assam with mountains and lush greenery as companions. Dikhow river was at a walkable distance and so were numerous tea gardens. When you see so much greenery around you, this is enough evidence to prove that it must rain a lot there. And well it did.

Mumbai rains remind me of Assam. The smell of wet mud and fresh grass, it takes me back to Assam, where I lived the first 15 years of my now nomadic life. 15 years that framed my character and made me who I am today. In a fast paced world that is pretty colourless, the rains fill colour in it for me. In a world that’s always in a rush, rains force me to pause, even if I don’t want to. And maybe that’s what I enjoy the most about them. It rains colours for me. Does it for you too? (:


About the look:

I decided on wearing my cute cat-print skater dress with stockings today. Because why not! And yes I am guilty of enjoying wearing black and white way too much these days! Blame it on the fact that they are so versatile. Remember I’d said these Zara shoes are the best? I meant it. I practically have no shoes that’ll get me through the Monsoons like this one will. I did pay a steep price for these (Rs. 3499, I think) but it is worth every penny. I wear them almost every day with every outfit and somehow it ends up looking classy. It may burn a hole in your pocket, but it’ll be worth it. Trust me. ❤

What is on me:

  • Skater Dress: H&M
  • Stockings: Thrifted
  • Shoes: Zara
  • Jacket: Promod
  • Bag: Aldo
  • Hat: Forever21
  • Umbrella: I bought it from Andheri Lokhandwala. I don’t remember the name of the shop but it was in the lane of Wok Express, Jean Claude Biguine and all of that. There is a Dosa guy right next to the store! He makes the crunchiest dosas by the way! Ask for Paneer Onion Dosa. You are welcome.


With Love,


Photographer: Shripad Bandekar

App Jazz Ft. ShopnStyle

Hello readers!

Today has been one of the most tiring days of my life ever. Thanks to the Bombay rains, I was delayed everywhere I went. But thanks to the same Bombay rains, so was everyone else, so I did pretty okay I think. If you know me, you’d know how particular I am about punctuality. If not, well I make people around me go crazy if I am ever late. Yes, it’s that bad. 🙂

Anyways, I came back home dead tired but I had to share a fun development in the fashion world with you! With apps and online shopping growing like never before, it’s only fair to say we are being spoilt for too many options. But more often than not, we don’t get to share that experience with our loved ones. I mean occasionally sending a Snapchat or a Whatsapp text of what you are shopping for with your friend is fine, but on a daily basis? Not so convinient, eh? Have you ever wanted to go shopping with your best friend but you couldn’t because well you have a long distance relationship with her? Enter ShopnSocial. This is a really fun app to begin with. Although the app is in its initial stages, what I absolutely liked about it is that it’s a one of its kind shopping experience. I’ll go through in details about that in this blogpost. Please realise that this is it’s first initial trials and being a startup myself, I’d know how that feels. And the very fact that they are doing something so unique is commendable. The app did a launch at Manchester post which they landed here in Mumbai and guess who got to experience it? Yay. Now let’s get back to business. The very idea of it seems exciting to me because:
a) it’s free
b) it involves shopping(!)
c) it doesn’t restrict you to a particular . you know
d) this is my favourite part- it is completely ad-free. So no spamming and unneccesary pop-ups on your window.
e) it has the potential to change the way online shopping works.

I do feel that the app could be a lot simpler and we need a help support on it too, but those are things that they assure us will be taken care of in the next few months. So if that works out well, this could be a great social app or shopping and socializing.

Well, I am really looking forward to seeing some fun stuff from these guys. For now you can check their app out on the Appstore if you have an iPad since its currently available on that and android. What you can also do is share your honest opinion with me if you use it and I’ll take it to the team who is actually looking for feedback right now.

With Love,

Dora. Ft. Lavie

She is dreaming. She has to be dreaming. Inaaya thinks as she walks on the lone path. The path is dusty with a tad bit of wind that rustles through the trees and clears an opening for her to walk on. It isn’t as dense as she’d thought it would be. In fact it is a rather wide path. Wide and empty. As she walks into terrains unexplored she’s reminded of her desires to explore the world. What went wrong? she tries recalling. She was a dreamer. She always had been. But then life happened. And reality is no fairytale. When you have bills to pay and a house to keep, you cannot just leave.

But dreams, dreams don’t depend on life. If she couldn’t explore the world wide awake, she could do it in her sleep. And thanks to watching so much of National Geographic and browsing through a zillion travel magazines, her brain didn’t really have to work very hard now. Did it? She giggles at her own little joke and walks around with her bag on her back and her camera in her hand, capturing one memory at a time. And each capture is her stopping time for just a second and preserving it.

When Lavie decided to send this bag over, I had no idea of how I’d style it. I just knew I liked it for the fact that it was a classic black AND it was semi-rain proof. What else can a Mumbai girl ask for? But when the parcel came in, for no particular reason, it invoked my childhood desires to travel the world. Maybe it was the simplicity that appealed to me or maybe it’s versatility, but my instant thoughts were of how I’d carry it around when I travelled. And well, that is when Dora The Explorer and her purple talking bag came to my mind. 🙂

The rest is pretty much evident through the pictures and the story. Go on. Browse through the picture gallery and have fun! For me, this is the ultimate Bohemian wanderlust look. Let me know your thoughts too! 🙂



What is on me:

  • Dress: Forever 21-The dress is an ancient Forever 21 piece from 3 years back and well, I’ve been meaning to wear it for a while now. Although you wouldn’t quite find the same dress now but Forever 21 does have a full new range of boho-inspired dresses. You are welcome. 🙂
  • Shoes: Catwalk- These are again over a decade old (not!) but I absolutely love how they give a very school girl vibe.
  • Fedora hat: Forever21
  • Watch: Michael Kors
  • Polaroid camera: Insta Lumia
  • Diary: Anokhi
  • Bag: Lavie

Picture credits: Shripad Bandekar


Much Love.