15 NIFT Situation Test Questions

Q1. Make a model on-

  • Wind energy
  • Garbage re-cycle
  • Water conservation


Q2. Make a device for-

  • A Gardner
  • A Newspaper Boy
  • A Tea Vendor


Q3. Make a model on-

a) Save girl child

b) Make in India

c) Corruption eradication


Q4. Make a replica of –

a) Pooling booth

b) Toll booth

c) Bus stand


Q5. Make a memento on:

  • Polio eradication
  • Voting
  • Best teacher


Q6. Make an innovative tool for:

  • Car cleaning
  • Tea Vendor


Q7. Create an indoor games room for a kindergarten/nursery.

Q8. Design a cart for a disabled person.

Q9. Create a Flower Vase with creative flowers on the theme “Storm”.

Q10. Make a Dhaba keeping in mind the local culture.

Q11. Make a badge for “save environment” for 22nd century.

Q12. Make a bag for a doctor who is also a first time mother.

Q13. Make a wind chime for a sailor’s home.

Q14. Make a park bench for senior citizens that is inspired by nature.

Q15. Show a kitchen according to family’s lifestyle.

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