Jobs in Fashion

The Textile Industry in India ranks number two after agriculture which obviously means that there are PLENTY of jobs out there for all of us. Yet a lot of you guys, who genuinely want to pursue fashion as a career, come to me asking about what should you do after graduating. Hence, this blog has been written keeping that in mind. A video has been done on my channel talking about the same too. You can find a link here.

A Fashion Designer is a very generic term to a job profession which has multiple aspects to it, however here are a few I’ve tried to jot down for your better understanding:

-Bridalwear Designer: If bridal wear is your true calling and embroideries make your heart swoon, you might want to consider working under designers like Manish Malhotra, Tarun Tahiliani, Abu Jani Sandeep Khosla etc. for experience until of course you start something of your own!

-Ready to Wear Designer: If working as a RTW designer creating wearable everyday fashion is your thing, you might enjoy working under brands which help you achieve that, namely Pantaloons, Westside, AND, UCB etc.

-Sportswear Designer: Sportswear or Athletic designing requires precision and innovation. Brands like NIKE, PUMA, ADIDAS could be your place.

-Knitwear Designer: As a knitwear designer, you could work in any of these said fields but you have an edge over other designers since your specialization is knits. And we all know that knits is the future of the fashion industry.

-Menswear Designer: Designers having an inclination towards men’s fashion pursue Menswear designing as a career path and you see them working at companies like Raymond, Arvind Mills, Shantanu and Nikhil, Sabyasachi Menswear etc.

-Kidswear Designer: As a kidswear designer, you have to love prints and loving making them too! That is 90% what this career path is all about. Kidswear constitutes a major chunk of the fashion industry and the profit margins are way higher than normal. As a designer for kids clothing, you may see yourself developing kid friendly clothing and prints for brands like Gini and Jonny, Lilliput, Ruff Jeans, Unite Colors of Benetton, Pantaloons, Shoppers Stop, etc.

-Lingerie Designer: Amante, Victoria’s Secret, Wacoal, Triumph, Pretty Secrets and a dozen full of brands which work in the intimate’s sector of the fashion industry are the go-to place for a lingerie designer.

-Costume Designer: If designing costumes for sets, Bollywood, period cinema, plays, musicals, dances etc. is what you are born to do, a job as a costume designer would give you flexibility and joy!

Fashion Stylist:

-Stylist for Ad films: Advertisements which come on television also require stylists. It’s mostly less glamourous and more everyday wear, believable character dressing, but it requires incredible amount of research and sourcing. Unless you are working for a production house, the job is flexible with odd work hours.

-Stylist for TV Soap Operas and Web series: Dressing up and styling characters for Television or Web is a lucrative full-time job which requires you to character study

-Stylist for Bollywood: Styling for Bollywood films is the ultimate goal of most fashion enthusiasts. But what we overlook is the crazy work hours, last minute schedules, and everything else that goes into working on a film. However, if you like the erratic work hours, you may want to consider this field since the benefits are far too many.

-Stylist for Editorials: Fashion magazines and print media require stylists for creating content for them. Vogue, Grazia, Elle, Harper’s Bazaar etc are some of the bigger names of this industry which hire on a regular basis for the same. Imagine working with celebrities for Cover shoots and concept driven shoots. Ah!

-Celebrity Stylists: Ami Patel, Rhea Kapoor, Mohit Rai, Anaita Shroff, Devki Bhatt, Sanjana Batra are some of the big names in the fashion industry who style celebrities for a living and do an incredible job at it! But it requires years of networking, experience, research, knowledge and sourcing.

-Fashion Illustrator: Fashion Illustrators illustrate garments and designs for brands and designers. The job profile in India is relatively new because not many people consider it a full-time job as opposed to the west, where designers are hired on the basis of this skill.

-Fashion Photographer: Being a fashion photographer requires one to shoot for magazines, e-commerce platforms, look books, catalogues etc. The job is demanding but rewarding none the less!

-Fashion Forecaster: A profession which is mostly a desk job that requires you to be researching continuously is the basic gist of a fashion forecaster’s life. WGSN, PROMOSTYL, STYLESIGHT etc. are some web platforms that offer the best forecasts which the entire world follows.

-Fashion Choreographer: If the ramp is your life, your dream job could be organizing fashion shows and fashion walks. Creating the entire vibe of a fashion show, right from the models to the music to the sets and the feel.

-Buyers/Merchandiser: Merchandisers are responsible for ensuring that the right amount of goods are available in store and are being sold at the right price. They work closely with buyers who decide what to buy and sell from a store. Ogaan, Ensemble, Aza are some of the big multi-designer stores which have buyers and merchandisers holding great power and authority, sitting front row in fashion weeks, deciding what designers to sell and not sell.

-Print Designer/Graphic Designer: If graphics and prints are your true calling, then you can work as a print designer at a fashion house or even a lifestyle or home décor brand.

-Wardrobe Consultant: You’d be surprised how much the elite are willing to pay wardrobe consultants to just jazz them up. If creating a functional personalised wardrobe is your kind of thing, consider yourself the perfect match for this job.

Teacher/Professor: If you have a love for education and imparting knowledge to the young minds, a job as an Academician at a fashion school is a rather fun job with a lot of perks (Like lots of holidays, for starters?) 🙂

These are just a few job options in a world of infinite opportunities! However, I hope you benefit from this blog in some way.

With Love,


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