Cloud Nine In Vashi!

Maternity and pregnancy are a beautiful phase in every mother’s life. The process right from conceiving to the nine months of growing a life inside you requires a mother to be stress free, nourished and well taken care of. However every eight minutes a woman dies in labor in India. This is indeed an appalling state of affairs. For every maternal death in India, 20 more women suffer from lifelong health impairments that result from complications during their pregnancies. A majority of these deaths are among women in the 15-29 age group, at the prime of their reproductive lives. Even after multiple policy changes and implementations, there isn’t a significant change in the statistics which made me worry about the future until I visited Cloud Nine, Vashi where none other than celebrated actress and a mother herself, Shilpa Shetty was present to inaugurate the hospital.

India’s leading chain of maternity hospitals known as Cloud Nine Care has opened it’s latest branch in Navi Mumbai. And was I impressed with the infrastructure! Cloud Nine Care is facilitated with top notch birthing services at an affordable rate. The hospital boasts of a whooping‭ zero percent mortality rate and negligible infant mortality rate! And I haven’t even come to the best part yet! Cloud Nine doesn’t believe in minting more money from its patients for a C-section delivery and that is why the prices of a C- Section and a normal pregnancy are similar making it easier for the expecting parents to choose from. Along with maternity, the various other healthcare assistance provided by them are in gynecology, pediatrics, fertility , and stem cell banking.

Having lived in Navi Mumbai for three years during my college days, I know how essential it was to have a good maternity hospital in the vicinity and Cloud Nine Care serves the purpose! 
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