Autumn Love

“In a crooked little town, they were lost and never found.

Fallen leaves, fallen leaves, fallen leaves, on the ground

New off springs that were once blooming and flying with the wind in their brightest of greens are suddenly all over the ground, under my feet, wherever I walk. Withered. Some already turning to dust, while others are still changing colours from yellow to brown. But yet they look so beautiful. So as I sit and write, I know one thing for sure: Autumn is the most beautiful season. The transition from Summers to Winters wouldn’t be as magical and poetic, if it were not for Autumn. The trees wouldn’t look like they are filled with flowers in warm hues, if it were not for Autumn. Autumn shows us in the most beautiful way that nothing is permanent. We are all here to go. This moment is all there is. There is no point dwelling over the past. There is no certainty of a tomorrow to plan upon. All there is, is this moment. This transient moment of realisation is how you should be living the rest of your life. 🍁🍂

You’d be wondering why am I suddenly talking about seasons? Because I realised its high time I start coming here and writing my heart out, regardless of what it is and sharing it with you guys. So here it goes:

For me, a huge part of my heart lies in the city that gave me wings and made me who I am today. I know your first guess would be Mumbai and I cannot deny that this city is my life and I love it so very dearly but there’s another city that I am talking about today: New York City. The city of Dreams. The Big Apple. The Epitome of all things Awesome. The city that made me realise my self worth. The city that gave a naive 20 year old the confidence to be herself. The City of Fashion! I am writing today because I miss NYC. And also because I want to cherish those memories. But mostly, I am writing this because I stumbled upon my old sketches from FIT and felt some really strong emotions resurface and pop, one at a time. 

What started as a mere rough exercise of practising typography, my hands seemed to have dived into the world of inks and for four hours straight I was just doodling yesterday. The result? This not-so-perfect but pretty quote:

One thing led to another and suddenly I was hunting for withered leaves that went with my quote and then I was searching for my old college sketches on the theme “The Withered Leaf”. Yup. I’d made a collection on Autumn. And soon it was these set of crazy fun pictures and flatlays! This, is the final result!

Maybe it was nostalgia hitting me but this post was heartfelt and it feels good writing something that is not related to Fashion 🙂 
Until next time.

With Love,


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