Romancing ‘em Florals

Never in a lifetime had she thought that it’ll all fall in place so soon but when you dearly hope for something to happen, the universe answers. Inaaya was no different. She had hoped for her happily ever after and she was getting it now. It did not matter that she stood alone on the path because she knew he’d follow soon. She knew they’d be together. But for now she was trying to be present in the moment and living it. Walking alone is easy and who would know it better than someone who was, in fact, alone. Don’t get me wrong, she was alone and not lonely. And while many may call it one and the same, they weren’t. For she liked her own company and felt at ease being with herself. Often we fail to realise that the person that matters the most is ourselves. We are so busy pleasing the world we forget that keeping ourselves happy is also important. She was finding herself everyday walking alone on the path of success but she couldn’t deny that the fact that he walked closely helped make her journey more enjoyable. Every now and again you would see her hide, just to see him frustrated and she would giggle each time he found her. Inaaya was never truly alone because he never left her side. And even today, she stands tall as she waits for her stars to entwine with his. Her eyes yearn to see him and her heart craves for his half smirk mingled with a sly smile.”

Short stories that end abruptly have always interested me and this is no different. They leave a taste in your mouth that lingers much longer than a story that has a definite end. Maybe it was the outfit that did it, maybe it was the feel of the place that triggered the romantic in me; whatever it was, it helped me write something I enjoy now so I am not complaining! Anyways, this is a perfect cheesy date look if you have a big day planned anytime soon. The versatility of this dress never seizes to amaze me, but. While I was wearing it as just a beach dress in Seychelles a few weeks back, here it is in all its full glory, with just the edition of jhumkas! Accessories play a huge roll in giving clothes their actual identity. The right accessory can take an outfit to the next level while the wrong one can just ruin it all. I’d worn this dress with my hair on one side with some floral pins and no makeup at the beach while here I am wearing it with high heels (blocked heels in my case since, for the love of god, I cannot walk in stilettos!) and just some jhumkas. Dresses and jhumkas are always a good idea I feel and this is just my way of making it work.

I’d love to know your thoughts! 

With Love,


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