Six Nights in Seychelles

Seychelles is a beautiful island country that lies on the East of Africa. A cluster of small islands, the country is warm in terms of temperature and people! The hospitality here quite honestly blew me away!Mahe Island is the biggest island and the main island for this tiny country followed by Praslin and then Silhouette Island. The islands are self sufficient with no commercialisations whatsoever and maybe that’s what makes it all the more exotic. You will not find a MCD or an H&M outlet here. But you will find tons of picturesque beaches and cute little eat outs. Unlike other island countries, Seychelles fortunately is lesser explored and thus, lesser exploited. This is one of the places I’d had on my wish list for a while and when the time came to visit, I was quite literally shaking with joy. 🙂 
Talking about my itinerary:
This was a 6 nights and 7 days trip. 

We took a direct four hour flight from Mumbai to Mahe International Airport and once we got our local sims we took a taxi to the Hilton Labriz Lounge. You can get sim cards at the book store near the cafe or outside at two booths. They have two service providers here: Cable and Wireless and Airtel. Quick tip: Try to pay them in Seychellois Rupees and not Euros or Pounds because they charge a premium otherwise! 

Hilton Labriz Resort and Spa is located on Silhouette Island and is the only property there which means the beaches, the waters, pretty much the whole of the island was exclusive only to the guests of Hilton. The route to the island is of course through the waters (if you don’t want to spend 650 Euros on a chopper!). We had a Jetty take us from Bel Ombre to Silhouette Island which took about forty minutes.
The resort is beautiful and way too green! With a vast options of restaurants to choose from you are in the right hands in terms of food. Although my advice to you would be to carry some food with you because being exclusive also means being expensive and food prices there are quite steep. 🙂 Being a vegetarian I ended up carrying tons of biscuits and chips and other nick knacks to nibble on (and maybe some Ready To Drink Girnar Tea for you tea lovers!The property has a range of villas to pick from and while each one is beautiful in their own way, I would strongly recommend a Ocean Front Beach facing villa.

Silhouette Island has plenty of beaches and a few hikes, and depending on your caliber you can choose what you’d like to do. For someone like me, I just found peace in sitting on the beach and sketching all day or reading a book.

Three nights later, I checked out and moved to Mahe in the same Jetty and explored the capital city. Mahe is a quaint little town with everything at a stone throw distance. I did a little bit of touristy stuff and visited a “Hindu Temple”, went to the local market called Victoria and also visited the botanical garden. After a sumptuous Indian meal at Maharajas (Tandoori Rotis there were the bomb! Not kidding!), I boarded a ferry from Bel Ombre to Praslin Island. The only providers that are good for island hopping are Cat Cocos. And while it was my first time doing all of this, I learned a lot, for example: My stomach is not meant for sea journeys because I throw up and get all dizzy in the head!

Anyways after the horrible ferry ride that took like forever to end since the sea was extremely rough because of the high tides, I did not have much left in me to be able to do any explorations once we reached Le Duc so I basically just collapsed.

Le Duc De Praslin is said to be the most stylish property on Praslin island and rightly so. The property is in Cote Dor and has a lot of beach side cafes and bars. I personally loved their taste in furniture and the hippie vibes the place had! We stayed at Praslin for 3 nights and while I did go out for walks on the beach every morning and evening, water sports were off the table thanks to the fluctuating weather. All water related sports were stopped for the three days that we were there due to high tides and a lot of sudden rainfall. While September to April is supposed to be a dry patch for Seychelles, unfortunately for us, the rain gods decided to be extra generous. Hence, I kept myself happy by a swim in the pool.

The trip was a wonderful break from the busy city life and I just feel so much more energetic to work more now! If you are planning a trip to Seychelles, do let me know if I could help you in any way! I’d love to guide 🙂

With Love,


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