A Letter To My Main Man

There’s a lot they do which we often overlook. There’s a lot of their small gestures that go unnoticed. There’s a lot we count on them for and yet forget all about it when it’s done. Whether it is booking a flight ticket or going out with friends, whether it is extra shopping money or just a phone recharge, our dad’s have and remain to be an integral part of our lives and in keeping them functioning smooth. Yet, we often fail to express our feelings and gratitude for them. This is for all you: Dads, Papas, Pops’. Abbus but mostly, this is for you Bauji.

My dear Bauji,

The man who wakes up before sunrise and works round the clock. The man who is never late, no matter what. The man who smiles the broadest and laughs the loudest at my silly jokes. The man who I can irritate forever and know that he would still love me. The man who can literally live out of a suitcase forever and yet has never missed out on a chance to take us shopping! The man who is the most humble, innocent, funny and jovial person I know (with me he’s the coolest!). The man who has a heart of gold:

Happy Father’s Day to my best friend 🙂

Whether it was getting me rasgullas from Sivasagar when I was three and wouldn’t eat until I saw that the fridge was stocked or whether it was coming to my PTI meets, holding my hand when the teachers complained I was very talkative and laughing instead, you’ve been my absolute favourite person! You were not the dad who would sit with me and help me with my Math homework like all my friends’ fathers would. I remember bhaiya and I would often complain then, but today I am thankful to you for it. You made us more self-dependent even as children. Bauji, thank you for always being that pillar of support and showing us the difference between good and bad. Thank you for time and again setting examples which we could look upto. You have ALWAYS been a fighter and it is something that inspires me to wake up and face the world. And the most amazing thing about you? You have never fought the wrong way! You’ve been just, honest and taught us that sometimes letting go is not a sign of weakness but strength instead. Thank you for instilling in us virtues and principles we can proudly live by.

A day is not needed to celebrate the bond a father and a daughter share but Bauji, I want you to read this today and know that you are the main man in my life and I am so thankful to you for having always believed in my capabilities and letting me be. For letting me choose Arts over Science. For letting me be in NIFT Mumbai and not Kolkata or Gandhinagar (Ugh). For supporting my dream to go to FIT. For showing random air hostesses pictures of me getting awarded by Hema Malini (Mom told me!) For being okay with me when I quit my job. For believing in Inaaya. For being the most excited every time I post a new blog. For being my best friend and discussing boys with me. For hating my haters more than me. For loving my friends like your own. For REMEMBERING all my friends and their names. For getting me that recharge done at 11 pm in first year. For forcing me to take the car and taking an Ola to work whenever you are in Bombay (I know all about your “I don’t have work today” lies Bauji!) THANK YOU for always being the best father anyone could have asked for. But more than that thank you for believing in this little girl with her crazy, insane, big dreams. It isn’t easy being a father to a rebellious monster. And yet you managed to make me half human with your love, guidance and compassion. 🙂

Thank you, Bauji. It is because of you that I am more sure of myself than I ever could/would have been. It is because of you I am who I am today. Maa, Bhaiya, Bhabhi and I all would agree. We are blessed to be yours. 🙂


All My Love,


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