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Hey Family!
How is everyone doing? We are almost done with 2016. Can you believe it? Over the last few months I have been so busy and caught up with work that health and fitness literally took a backseat for me. I mean we all go through this phase right? We all blame it on the “work pressure”. If you don’t do it, congratulations. Your priorities in life are sorted. I? I am sorry I am an average human being who gets lazy and as a result chubby very quickly! Also, the blogging culture and the invites to some of Mumbai’s best restaurants don’t do much help to my waistline. Not that I am complaining because who am I kidding? I love food! But being a foodie has its own negatives, especially if your body thinks water and oil are the same thing and just adds layers of fat all over your body for no reason! I have never followed a diet or stuck by it for long. Basically, the truth is if you don’t let me eat, I don’t function. April 2016 I was 1 kg away from my dream weight. I was active, alert and fitting into my skinny jeans. You know the skinny jean test right? If you don’t fit into your tight 5 year old jean, you haven’t achieved your body goal! May I had my first fashion show. June came in and brought with it more projects. July, August, September: months kept flying by and before I knew it, we had entered October. And suddenly, I was 6 kgs away from my dream weight. Do you make new year resolutions? I did too. To gift myself a fit body this year. Two weeks back, I almost gave up on that dream. And then, right when I had decided to let go, I stumbled upon Truweight. I read through their website and was a little sceptical. The reason simply being that most diet consultants starve their clients. I have looked up enough number of websites online. I am being honest here. We all know what a big industry weight loss is! But for some reason, the website for Truweight ensured me that I would not be starved. And THAT was enough convincing. I called their helpline and got myself their Detox Kit. The parcel came in and boy was I surprised! It had so much of food!

From quinoa seed snacks to sesame seed laddus, green tea to hibiscus tea, Irish chocolate flavoured shakes to oats mixture: it had tonnes of food. To begin with, that in itself was a relief factor for me. Other than food, the box contained two books, a cute badge and a sipper. This was a surprise! I started browsing through the books and quickly fell in love with the easy going language. Being a blogger myself, I love it when an author writes in a relatable language and both the books had that factor in them. While “Why 80% Dieters fail?” is a realistic take on hilarious body and weight loss ideas most of us have, “Ultimate Guide To True Weight Loss” is a more serious, theoretical take on weight loss with facts and figures in place. Anyways, coming back to Truweight: the brand follows a simple 4-cycle diet program which ensures that the consumer eats on time and eats healthy. It also busts a lot of myths regarding the so-called “Diet foods”, “diet coke” etc. For example did you know artificial sugar is actually worse than normal sugar? I did not know that. For real! And I know my father uses artificial sweetener, assuming like most people do, that it is a healthier option. These are the kind of myths that are broken with this kit. I started on 7th October and I just completed ten days yesterday and the results? I already feel much more lighter and active. But the bonus is that I checked my weight and I am 2 kgs lighter than what I was ten days back. I know that it is not a huge amount of weight that I have shed and still layers of flab exist all over me that need to go, but at least with just some changes in my lifestyle and eating habits, the journey towards a fitter body has started. Living a very sedentary lifestyle with just too much work pressure, when you get the luxury of phone consultation on your fingertips and healthy food products delivered to your doorstep is when you realise, you just have to make a conscious effort and prove your loyalty towards your body. The rest? The rest your body shall take care of you.
With Love,


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