Fifth Avenue Ft. Fancy Pants

Hey there!

This is my New York Fifth Avenue Tribute. Quite honestly, the last few weeks have been really nostalgic for me. I’ve been reminiscing my time in the States like never before. I’ve also been thinking over how if I’d started blogging back then, my growth would have been much different and maybe better. But then I have to literally calm myself down and remind myself that I was right to have done what I did back then and I am right doing what I am doing right now. Does that make sense? Fortunately it made sense to me then and helped me calm down a little. We can’t change the past. Haven’t a zillion people already told us that? Then what are the regrets for? When you cannot undo or do something about the past. why crib and cry over it? What you CAN do is change your future by working on your present. So I am trying to focus my energy on that. 

In a fast paced world like ours, pausing is a luxury. No one does it. It’s too risky. “What if people move ahead of me?” “What if I can’t walk as fast later?”
Questions like these bother most all the time. That and the insecurity of being left behind. So we keep running. Aimlessly. Shamelessly. We keep running to not be the last ones.

Inaaya was bothered as well. In the rat race to move ahead, she was losing touch with herself. She was losing her identity. She was losing her voice. She was soon becoming one of them. She knew it. But sometimes knowing is not enough. Sometimes, in life, you need someone to tell you, to guide you. So she kept looking for that someone. Until her conscience finally asked her “Stop it. Will you?” And her only response was a sigh. “Finally you asked.”

IMG_4250 copy


IMG_4201 copy

IMG_4213 copy

IMG_4197 copy



IMG_4282 copy.jpg



What is on me:

  • Top: Fancypants
  • Denims: Armani
  • Heels: Forever 21
  • Choker: Fancypants
  • Sling: Fancypants
  • Sunnies: Fancypants


With Love,



Photography credits: Prabhu



All rights reserved. (C)

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