Seven Easy Back To School Looks

Hola Peeps!

I haven’t blogged in a while now and a major reason why that is the case is because:

  • a) I’ve been busy working on the Youtube Channel
  • b) I’ve had no Wifi at my residence for over ten days
  • c) It’s raining cats and dogs here in Mumbai, and well monsoons make me super lazy!

Are these excuses good enough? Or do you want me to come up with something more substantial? Just kidding. Getting back to this post, since sessions are starting for most schools in India pretty soon, I thought of coming up with a compilation of 7 Easy college looks that are cute as a button. Honestly these looks were done a while back but for me they are pretty much still my favourites for this season. The weather here in Bombay is pretty chilly at the moment and thus, you’ll see a lot of layering and maybe a light sweater here and there.

So just browse through and let me know how you like this post? Also, fair disclaimer, you shall see a lot of denim in here because I personally think they are quite fashionable and classic. You are free to wear a plaid shirt instead of a denim shirt, that could look quite interesting too. 🙂

With Love,
















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