Dora. Ft. Lavie

She is dreaming. She has to be dreaming. Inaaya thinks as she walks on the lone path. The path is dusty with a tad bit of wind that rustles through the trees and clears an opening for her to walk on. It isn’t as dense as she’d thought it would be. In fact it is a rather wide path. Wide and empty. As she walks into terrains unexplored she’s reminded of her desires to explore the world. What went wrong? she tries recalling. She was a dreamer. She always had been. But then life happened. And reality is no fairytale. When you have bills to pay and a house to keep, you cannot just leave.

But dreams, dreams don’t depend on life. If she couldn’t explore the world wide awake, she could do it in her sleep. And thanks to watching so much of National Geographic and browsing through a zillion travel magazines, her brain didn’t really have to work very hard now. Did it? She giggles at her own little joke and walks around with her bag on her back and her camera in her hand, capturing one memory at a time. And each capture is her stopping time for just a second and preserving it.

When Lavie decided to send this bag over, I had no idea of how I’d style it. I just knew I liked it for the fact that it was a classic black AND it was semi-rain proof. What else can a Mumbai girl ask for? But when the parcel came in, for no particular reason, it invoked my childhood desires to travel the world. Maybe it was the simplicity that appealed to me or maybe it’s versatility, but my instant thoughts were of how I’d carry it around when I travelled. And well, that is when Dora The Explorer and her purple talking bag came to my mind. 🙂

The rest is pretty much evident through the pictures and the story. Go on. Browse through the picture gallery and have fun! For me, this is the ultimate Bohemian wanderlust look. Let me know your thoughts too! 🙂



What is on me:

  • Dress: Forever 21-The dress is an ancient Forever 21 piece from 3 years back and well, I’ve been meaning to wear it for a while now. Although you wouldn’t quite find the same dress now but Forever 21 does have a full new range of boho-inspired dresses. You are welcome. 🙂
  • Shoes: Catwalk- These are again over a decade old (not!) but I absolutely love how they give a very school girl vibe.
  • Fedora hat: Forever21
  • Watch: Michael Kors
  • Polaroid camera: Insta Lumia
  • Diary: Anokhi
  • Bag: Lavie

Picture credits: Shripad Bandekar


Much Love.

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