The Overalls Edition


Who doesn’t love a good pair of overalls? While historically overalls were worn mostly by farmers and the working class, soon enough they saw their way into everyday wardrobe due to the flexibility, durability and comfort they provided. Are overalls and dungarees the same thing? Yes they are very much the same thing. In British English what is called a dungaree is called an overall in American English. What was once in trend in the 70s and later became popular among women in the 90s is seeing a major comeback in 2016. Did I say fashion is full of circles? Some larger than others but circles none the less. Now since overalls are here to stay, you might as well invest in a good pair. No?

For me, they have been always a favourite. But being a favourite doesn’t mean I’ve worn them regularly. Although I do remember wearing them as a child. It was only when I started growing up, that I started feeling insecure of my butt being too big and started avoiding a lot of clothes that would highlight on that asset. 🙂

I know now that it was unnecessary. The worry. Anyhow, blogging yet again gave me an opportunity to experiment with my style and wear something I enjoy. 🙂 and and and

About the look:

This could be your look for a coffee outing with friends or maybe just a regular day in college or even when you are running errands. Comfortable and chic, this look is easily in my list of favourites. The makeup is subtle and fresh. The idea was to keep it natural and dewy with just the perfect shade of pink on the lips and I believe my makeup partner, Muskaan did a commendable job at it. How about you? What do you think? Share your thoughts. I’d love to know what you think. 🙂

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What is on me:

  • Overalls: Wooplr
  • Crop top: Koovs
  • Shoes: New Look (ordered from Koovs)
  • Sling: Stalk Buy Love
  • Glasses: Colaba
  • Watch: Giordano and


The amazing photographer and friend: Swapnil Junjare

The impeccable makeup artist: Muskaan

Location Courtesy: Asado The Cocktail Street


With Love,


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