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This is coming in really late but I’d written this journal on 8th May. 🙂 Promise. I just did not know if it’s worth a read but then, who’d be a better reader than you? And where would I keep it if not here on my blog?

Enjoy the read and tell me what you feel? 🙂



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“When I woke up Wednesday morning, it was just another day for me. But by the time the day had dragged to noon, my world had changed drastically. I was anxiously sitting on the edge of my chair waiting for my first project independently after launching Inaaya. Hardly two months in the industry and still learning to walk, this would be a huge boost to my brand. I knew it and I knew the challenges I’d have to face. This WAS my first show, after all. If the designs weren’t at par, it could be a nightmare. Your first media presence, although this was a project done for Bio Oil, does leave a strong impression. Even so, a fashion show is nothing without the fashion designer, right?

The more they delayed a response, the more challenging it would get to have 10 ensembles ready by Friday evening. Yet I tried remaining as patient as I could.

6 pm that evening I got the project. 48 hours. 14 ensembles. Thankfully, we picked 4 outfits from my current collection. Yet the struggle was real. But the real problem? It was to design conservatively in the given time frame. That is the biggest challenge for any designer. We are carefree souls. We wish to explore our creative sides at any given opportunity. But how do you design for 14 pregnant women who beautiful as they are, need to wear garments that make them:

  • a) feel confident in their skin
  • b) show their baby bump in pride
  • c) walk with ease on the ramp
  • d) wear designs that can be executed in all of two days
  • e) are in sync with the existing 4 designs

Friday 6 pm was the day for fittings. As the craziness of it all started sinking in, I contemplated whether I should even do this or not. There was a buzz of NOs all around me, asking me to not take the risk. I was scared to the point of actually running away. But what I learned from someone really special then was that don’t give up until it’s your last breath and fight each time how you’d fight for that one extra breath. The game was on. Inaaya had signed up for it.

And that is when the roller coaster started. Talking to the 12 beautiful women on phone, convincing a few who actually were too scared to walk, designing garments based on literally just the chest and length measurements, running around to the tailors, getting the fabrics dyed, fittings, discussing the makeup and hair, getting the fresh flower jewelry in place, hangers, racks, garment bags, fittings, alterations, print outs- all of it in just two days. Friday 5 pm onwards, my house was literally “HOUSE FULL” until 10 pm I think and that’s when the alterations started. We had an even longer day on Saturday but I knew we couldn’t afford to sleep. In times of need, when you have no one by your side, your family shall stay. My Maa, yet again proved that she would be with me through thick and thin and stayed up to help me finish my alterations.

The show happened and words fail to describe how emotional it was for me to watch these 12 real life women walk the ramp with their bundle of joy wrapped inside them and the celebrated super model Carol Gracias and TV star, Shveta Salve walk in such ease and confidence wearing my designs. How did I manage to not weep is a mystery, because I cry. I cry a lot. I cry when I am happy. I cry when I am sad. Hell I even cry when I am angry! So maybe the gods of tears saved me from the embarrassment here. I was so moved by these women that for a second I did not even realize that the PR company failed to announce my name before the show. Some kid came up to me and that’s when I screamed my head off and got them to announce it (Just kidding). They apologized profusely and I took it. I am nice like that.

Money doesn’t buy you happYness. Husbands and parents were coming up to me and thanking me for making their wives look so pretty. These pretty, preggy mom-to-bes were hugging me and thanking me for making their mother’s day so special. And that’s when the water works started. The sleepless nights, the crankiness, it was all worth it.

Nothing great can be achieved without a team. It was a team effort and Inaaya was proud to have found such adorable kids who landed at St. Regis sharp at 8.30 am and helped make this show happen. Also, might I proudly add here, that this was our first show and our team was bigger than anyone’s there! 😀

Until next time, this is me signing out. 


From the show: 

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 Behind the scenes:


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Media Coverage:

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Photo courtesy: Simran Juneja and Sucharita Sarkar

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