Pahadi Shaadi. :)

Hello there family!

It is coincidental how I was actually reading And the mountains echoed by Khaled Housseni when I traveled to the mountains where Mussoorie awaited a band wagon of 350+ people for the union of two families in what we commonly call holy matrimony. I really needed this break. The last two months could be summarized in one word: crazy. From odd working hours, to no sleep, to running around and just being exhausted all the time is how I’d define 2016 so far. Can you believe we’ve already completed 1/3 of the year? May is half gone! But first thing first: Mussoorie. ❤

50+ people woke up early in the morning with their bags packed and met at Ahmedabad Junction to board a train which would take us to Haridwar from where we intended on taking a halt for lunch, and then drive to Mussoorie. 26 hours of playing Antakshari (a song game where one person starts a song from the alphabet “M” usually and the person next to him/her has to sing a song from the last alphabet of the last word in the song that has been sung. This is just for my international readers! Haha!), Housie, Cards and just laughing without any reasons, we finally arrived at our destination: Jaypee Manor Residency. It was a beautiful property set not quite exactly in Mussoorie but a few kilometers down hill. The breathtaking view this place had made me fall in love with it, not once, not twice, but every time I looked out of my room’s window. It seemed like every room had a mountain facing view that was drool-worthy. 🙂

  • For the travel I was dressed comfortably in printed denims and a round neck tee. I also carried with me my denim shirt just in case it got chilly and well, also because its kind of long so I could save myself from the butt show while climbing up the seats! Haha. I am brutally honest sometimes but hey! These are tips you guys could use. 😀 I’ve never traveled this long in a train so well, it was a little overwhelming but the good company made up for it. Make sure you carry a good book, some lotion, your headphones and a hand sanitizer in your hand bag. Rest you can do without.



  • For the DJ night, I wore my favourite grey dress with a Kimono on top. It was comfortable yet chic. Just some subtle make up with a dark lip shade took this look from day to night for me.


  • The next day I wore my hair down with just a light lip colour and some good perfume. I knew I had to put on make-up for the Sangeet already so I kind of avoided makeup in the morning. I wore this beautiful Anarkali in cotton because well, Mussoorie is hot in the day time. Atleast it was while we were there. If you are going for a destination wedding, make sure you carry a couple of changes that don’t occupy as much space but give you the option to get comfortable if you are tired. Also, carry a pair of sneakers and flats. You never know when you might get bitten by the Wanderlust bug and decide to sneak out.


  • In the afternoon, we had a couple of hours to ourselves so I quickly changed into a crop top and skirt I was carrying just in case and snuck out in an old white Ambassador to explore a little bit of Mussoorie. Walking down to St. George’s College, I had the good fortune of meeting these beautiful girls who were on their way back home and agreed for a picture! So much cuteness in one picture! After exploring a little bit of our surrounding area, we went to Mall Road and did a quick walk uphill from where we took a Ropeway to the top of the hills. The view there was surreal. Just clouds all around as your company and the mountains smiling back at you as you try and preserve everything in your heart. 



  • Sangeet was a sorted affair for me. Wearing too much is never right. Always accessorize smartly is what I’d say if you ask me. My main highlight for the evening were my beautiful Amrapali earrings and my hands. I avoided wearing a lot of jewelry like most of us usually do. Less is more. Please remember. 🙂 Being a bindi lover, you’d see me wearing bindi everytime I wear Indian and this day was no different. Quick tip: You don’t have to drape your lehenga in the same old fashion all the time. Experiment a little. Do a saree drape, just let it fall your your shoulders, do anything but the Gujarati style. It has become quite a regular way of wearing the lehenga. 🙂


  • A plain kurta and a Bandhani dupatta is what I wore on the last day of the wedding for the Carnival. Also, taking the “accessorize smartly” notion forward, I wore just statement earrings which were actually self-made. Remember you don’t have to wear heels at all times, comfort comes first. Definitely for me.



  • I’ve worn this lehenga twice in the past and each time has been so different than the others. This time I absolutely love how my eye makeup is really doing all the work. The slight twist on the front and leaving the rest of my hair open was also convenient I feel. It looked effortless and was very quick to achieve. You do NOT have to do crazy buns and spray unlimited hair spray on your hair each time there is an event. For a destination wedding specially, you can try temporarily straightening your hair which will be easy to manage and also stay for two days atlas. It’s a safe investment if you ask me. 🙂



These were my seven looks in Mussoorie and well, although it was a short trip, I did have ample fun thanks to Disha and Hanish. I hope you guys enjoy reading this post as much as I enjoyed writing it down for you and I also hope my tips and tricks help you while you plan your next trip to a destination wedding. I am sorry I don’t have the best set of pictures for this one, but getting a photographer to Mussoorie could have cost me a little too much, don’t you think? 😛

Just Kidding.

I love you all.

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