Black.White. Splash!

Walking around in the most beautiful part of the city has its own charm. It makes you happy as a person. This being one of my first shoots done around the Fort area made me giggle like a little girl all day. And well, didn’t Audrey Hepburn say that happy girls are the prettiest? I am not sure about the pretty part, but I was happy for sure!

We have the iconic colourful Kalaghoda right around the corner of Rhythm House. Who would dare to wear something remotely colourful to take away from the beauty of this place? I wouldn’t. Hence the really retro black and white tones. Well, I’ll be honest: the outfit was decided accordingly. Yes. But give it to the girl, it is a cute look. Haha! Sorry. I have no idea what I am talking about right now. It’s the morning me I guess. Retro is definitely a thing with me. I love capturing another era in how I dress up and modernising it. Don’t you? A crop top, high waisted culottes, a pair of clean white sneakers (I’d washed them for the shoot!) And well, a polka printed headband! Do you need anything else? Guess not. So this was me chilling around and having some fun last Friday. And also, trying to create a look you might enjoy wearing yourself. Also, this first picture is my current state of life: too many windows, some shut, some open, some tiny, some large. But the important part is to leap. Pick one window and start the journey. 🙂



Hope you enjoyed this post as much as I enjoyed shooting for it!

With Love,



PS: The crazy photography skills belong to: Akash Pandey

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