Long Hair. Don’t Care. Ft. JCB

When a salon like Jean Claude Biguine invites you to come down and experience their salon services, you must understand what you are in for: you are in for some really professional treatment. I was no different. I walked into JCB’s Lokhandwala branch with a happy smile and boy, the smile just grew as the day advanced!

I have been asked about my hair care regime frequently and well I am a home-remedy kind of girl so if you’ve been following me, you must have read my previous blog on towel therapy. If not, here’s a link.

Since I have really long hair we had already decided for a hair care regime for me over the phone. Solo was my hairstylist and consultant for the day and I have to mention that he was very(read slowly) patient. I know it only too well how difficult it can get to manage long hair and this guy here was a gem. We began by talking about the kind of hair issues I had. I was only too keen to crib! After I’d shared my woes (!), Solo suggested what kind of treatment would suit my hair best. I have frizzy hair and a flaky scalp. I used to think dandruff and flaky scalp were one and the same but apparently not! We went in for an SP INTENSE ALCHEMY hair spa for my hair where the scalp and the hair was treated separately. It began with a really relaxing hair wash. After the hair wash, my hair were towel dried and the excess water was removed. A mixture of SP Keratin Restore with SP Balance Scalp mask was made which was then applied to the length of my hair while Wella’s Smoothen infusion was massaged in. I was kept in a dimly lit room and it helped in relaxing me a little. After the hair was given a steam, Solo rinsed out the products from my hair and gave me a nice blow dry!




Results? My hair felt so much more smoother and I felt so much more relaxed after this rejuvenating spa. I do realize that one session will not change my hair, but I felt happy to have treated them to some good treatment nonetheless. If visiting JCB Lokhandwala, ask for Solo! 🙂

  • Charges: Rs. 2500 excluding tax
  • Hairstylist: Solo


With Love,



Picture credits: The amazing Akash Pandey who you’ll be seeing me work with in the next couple of shoots. 🙂

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