Book Lover’s Paradise

I’ve always enjoyed reading. Even as a kid, I have enjoyed the joys of losing myself to a different world, a world of words. Libraries have always been my paradise. And book stores too. I’d seen this post by Mark Zuckerberg in the beginning of 2016 stating how he’d made a resolution in 2015 to read a new book every other week of the year. It stayed with me. And I thought why not? So far it’s been really great. I’ve read over 5 books this year and I am on my 6th one by Cecelia Ahern. Its called The Marble Collector.

Fashion blogging to me means more than just dressing up and looking pretty. Like everything else, I like it to have a story too. A story that speaks visually. As the blog grows and evolves, I find myself finding more ways of expressing myself. It’s fun finding stories in mundane scenes. This was yet another experiment and I dearly hope you like it. 🙂






What is on me?

  • Top: Wills Lifestyle
  • Pinafore: Stalk Buy Love
  • Shoes: Zara
  • Stockings: Steve Madden


Location: Libraria, Prahladnagar

Until Next Time!

Much Love.

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