Powder Blue Hues Ft. Monsoons


Hi guys!

How many times have you rummaged through your wardrobe and worn that boring salwar kameez or an anarkali for a family event? And how many times have you felt that you need a little something extra to your look but not been able to put your finger to it?

Want to make heads turn? Don an evening gown next time. A cocktail event or a light dinner party before the wedding day or maybe your friend’s reception dinner, a flowy pastel gown is a perfect match for your need. It’s stylish, its minimal and its chic. Honestly, you don’t need to think twice while slipping into it.

Tie your hair in a sleek pony, put on some light make-up and add just ONE statement accessory to your look. Voila! You are bound to make an impact.

What was on me?

  • Outfit: Aneesh Agarwal
  • Earrings: Outhouse


With Love,



  • Photography Credits: Himani Malhotra
  • Location and Outfit Courtesy: Monsoons
  • Styling and Modeling: Shivangi Lahoty

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