Whites and Blues Ft. DKNY

Hi again!

Culottes are a major trend setter this season and if you haven’t already invested in a few, I’d suggest you do so soon! I am in absolute love with my powder blue culottes from Stalk Buy Love and they find their way in my outfits every other week! This was a meeting look I’d put together. Not having kept well, I wasn’t in the mood for make up. I am not a major fan of it either so we work well like that. However, white is my absolute savior when I need some brightness to my otherwise dull face. The watch I am wearing is from DKNY and love would be an understatement. The rose gold and gun metal combination is drool-worthy and well, so is the sleek design. Wouldn’t you love having a watch you could take from day to night? I would. 🙂






What’s from where?

  • Watch: DKNY
  • Culottes: Stalk Buy Love
  • Shirt: Next
  • Shoes: Street Style Store
  • Book Clutch: Crawford Market
  • Bracelets: Aldo and Accessorize


With Love,



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