Inaaya meets Aravali


Nonchalant and unperturbed by what the world had to say, she kept walking. She did not fear the woods. It was the inability to see her friend that scared her. In a day, it felt like they’d known each other for a lifetime and her thirst to see her friend again only grew with each passing second. She heard dry leaves brushing against her skirt as she stumbled and made her  way to her “spot”. Just a few more steps, she consoled herself silently. She heard a commotion and stood dead still in the tracks. Was it the bear after all? Were the guards right when they had warned her to not take this route? She wondered but then brushed off the thoughts because this WAS the shorter route and she didn’t have a lot of time. The journey began again. After five more minutes of the dense woods, the forest started thinning and light started pouring in. Her steps grew longer, her smile wider. There she was: Aravali. After all this while, she sat their so beautifully, smiling her brightest, almost mocking Inaaya to have finally found her. Inaaya threw away her shawl and ran to the edge. She sat down in peace and enjoyed the view in front of her. After all, it wasn’t an every day affair that you sat so close to someone so beautiful. She spoke to Aravali and she replied with cool breezes. She understood her. They were a team. Laughing at each other, smiling and blowing soft kisses, they were friends now and as Inaaya stood up to leave, she knew the mountains would be waiting for her to return. 


IMG_7125The Palace Hotel, Bikaner House, Mount Abu

Exotic Indian locations have forever found my fancy. The more history they have attached to them, the more I am pulled towards them. This shoot shall forever remain very close to my heart, not just because of how beautifully my mother captured it but because for me, it captured the essence of the palace and of Mount Abu. Situated 25 kms uphill from Abu Road, this little palace was King Karni Singh Ji’s holiday retreat and well, ours too. Wanting to dress suited for the location, I dressed up in just how I had styled my mom a day back. And was I proud or what?

Dark kohl, slight contouring and light lips is all I needed for my face. I let my hair loose and wore boots to compliment the look and at the same time give it a powerful edge. This is by far one of my favourite looks. Here’s hoping for more power and more strength to all of you this year!


What am I wearing?

  • Sweater: Monte Carlo
  • Skirt: Fabindia
  • Boots: Zara
  • Necklace: Amrapali
  • Bracelet and earrings: Local Silver Shop
  • Shawl: Borrowed from Mom’s closet

With Love,


(c) All rights reserved for the pictures and the content.


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