50s Brunch

Hola peeps! ❤

Hope all of you are having an amazing week so far! It is Wednesday already, can you believe it? I am having a swell week, thanks to you guys! Woke up on Tuesday with 5000 Instagram followers! Can you believe the feeling? With no bikini body flaunting or crazy meme posts, this is quite an achievement for me. Our family has been growing and it just makes me so much happier to know that there are so many positive people out there supporting me as I stumble and find my way! Thank you guys. It really means a lot to me!

About the look:

A 50s style brunch has always been on my bucket list. The first time I’d come to this cafe, I knew I would be using it as a date venue someday. The checkerboard tiled flooring, vintage floral seats or the posters of Beetles, Audrey Hepburn, Marliyn Monroe and the likes: this place screamed vintage. So it was only obvious that I’d find my way back here sooner or later. Taking inspiration from the cafe, I decided to dress up retro for my brunch. A fit and flare floral printed dress, messy updo, just the right amount of pearls and winged eyeliner: voila! I was ready to enter a 50s cafe in class. Don’t forget to look at some oh-so-awesome hair pictures I’ve added here in this post! LOVED MY HAIR that day. They were so well-behaved. 🙂



About the look:

  • Dress: Zabel, Flyrobe
  • Shoes: Charles and Keith
  • Clutch: Kazo
  • Ring: Accessorize
  • Sunnies: Bandra
  • Hairband: Forever 21


  • Modeling and Styling: Shivangi Lahoty
  • Photography: Simran Juneja
  • Location Courtesy: Cafe Monza, Kharghar

With Love,


(c) All rights reserved for the pictures and the content.

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