…because of course, life wasn’t about just following the norms and doing what was “supposedly” the right thing to do. Life was much more than that! You are given a heart for a reason. You are meant to follow it. You are meant to do what you truly wish to do. It’s such a simple ball god has thrown at you and yet you fail to catch it in time. The catch is to be who you are and not mould yourself according to what people expect from you. If you don’t know who you are yet, keep looking. Don’t stop looking. And you’ll find yourself. You will. Believe me you will. Believe yourself you will.

“She wandered like the wanderer that she was. And as she stumbled upon adventures, one after the other, she realized what life was worth.”


Seventies are back in trend, aren’t they? It’s exciting how never having lived in an era, we still get to experience their fashion. This is one of the things about fashion I love: one gets to live it all over again. Sure, it does evolve and there are changes you may or may not like, but it comes back to you.

I was in a conversation with this cousin of mine last week, who lives in SF and was complaining about how he threw away all his bell-bottoms and they are back in trend now. Quick advice: If its good quality, don’t throw it. You can always restyle it in a fun way!

Talking about the 70s, 70s was all about hippie dressing, wide-legged pants, large floral prints and over-sized sunnies. Remember Zeenat Aman and Parveen Babi? Sexy, curvaceous, bold and hippy; these women defined the bohemian soul for me with their effortless styles.


This is my take on the 70s era where I am donning a floral printed maxi from Missa More Clothing with Forever21 strappy sandals and a Hush Puppies bag. I absolutely love the round glasses I happened to have picked from Bandra many months ago and you must have seen me where them on numerous occasions if you follow me on instagram. Nevertheless, they work very well with this look and hence have found their way here.

Bombay isn’t your ultimate winter destination if you are looking for sweaters and leg warmers but maybe that’s what makes me like this city more. To feel the winter vibes, even if just a little, I decided to buy this Navy blue dress instead of a beautiful white one I’d seen on their website. And because no one is paying me, I can take the liberty to give an honest opinion about the outfit. Well, the dress isn’t the best of quality but it is pretty much worth the pocket pinch (INR 1200). If you are a regular online shopper, you’d know that is definitely not a lot. They do have plus-sizes and a lot of stuff on sale right now so you guys might want to check them out. This is my second buy and I can safely say that I am pretty satisfied with the quick delivery if nothing else. I got my parcel delivered the next day of me placing an order which is fast even for Bombay standards.


  • Dress: Miss More Clothing
  • Belt: Mom’s
  • Shoes: Forever 21
  • Bag: Hush Puppies
  • Rings: Forever 21

Until next time. Look retro. Stay stylish. ❤

With Love,



Styling and Modeling: Shivangi Lahoty

Photography: Simran Juneja

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