Over A Cuppa Coffee (:

Nothing excites a coffee lover more than a cup of good coffee, brewed to perfection. With winters fast approaching, one can imagine the joy of having hot coffee in an empty cafe as you work on that project on your laptop. And while you are doing a pretty good job at looking fab for the fall, don’t forget to dress up your laptop as well. My Mac wears a Dastkhat Studio sleeve that not just covers and gives a sturdy protection to it but also has additional space for putting in my sketch book and colour pencils maybe!



IMG_7744 copy





About the look:

I have layered up multiple pieces in this look. The adorable cat-print skirt is actually a dress over which I decided to wear a button up Polka printed shirt and a sweater. The love for prints has always been in me and while you’ll see a side of me that’s earthy, rooted and traditional, there’s another side of me that’s quirky, bubbly and all things cute. Here, obviously, the idea was to dress up as latter. We don’t experience much of winters in Bombay but I had my share of fun dressing up and pretending it’s winters nonetheless! Why of course, a girl can always dream!

For those of you who feel prints don’t get along, well they do provided you know how to balance them. And also, I LOVE tiny polka dots. This was more of a concept shoot but let me know if you guys like it. I’d thoroughly enjoyed doing it and am aiming at moving in this direction.


With Love,



PS: Sorry about the bad picture quality, we were doing a night shoot with no additional lights and are learning. Hopefully, we’ll get their soon enough.

Location Courtesy: Da Capo, Kharghar

Photo Courtesy: Simran Juneja



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