Just Another Fall Day. (:

Dastkhat Studio is one of those amazing places you can go to and consider them to be a one-stop solution for your gadget pampering. I was so excited when this package came in. For someone who’s always looking for a unique way to dress up her iPad and Mac, this sleeve was a sure winner! I absolutely love the subtle colour combinations they have on the outside and then there’s a pop of print and colour that surprises you when you open the flap! How adorable? For the price, I found these products to be extremely sturdy and durable. They sell on Flipkart currently and have an Instagram where you could follow them and find more interesting Mac Book Cases, diaries and iPad Cases.




About my choice of clothing?

Mornings here in Bombay are getting chilly. You can feel a new coolness in the air which is quite refreshing, considering we hardly have winters here. Also, the fact that we didn’t quite have our usual doze of the monsoons makes me feel happier about the sudden drop in the weather. As was obvious, I decided to dress up to suit this climatic change. This was a look I’d wear to college if I was still enrolled, that is! The location I chose was obviously influenced by that and well, you see bits of my college here!




The idea was to be dressed comfortably but chicly as well. A pair of rugged comfy denims with a classic white tee, a loose snug cardigan and a light scarf is all you need to be ready for a cool breezy day. Thanks Bhavik for the beautiful sleeves. They are amazing. Also ace photography courtesy? Simran Juneja. Thank you for the brilliant pictures! Much appreciated.

What was I wearing?

  • Tee: Bewakoof
  • Scarf: Promod
  • Denims: Armani
  • Cardigan: Chemistry
  • Boots: Street Style Store
  • Glasses: Bandra

Until next time,


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