Treat Your Hair (:


How many of us suffer from the I-don’t-like-my-hair syndrome? I am sure a majority of us do. Women with straight hair wish for curly hair. Women with curly hair wish for straight. And the ones with wavy? There mood wavers just like their hair! I have been there. I feel you amazing women. But thankfully I am over that phase now. I have come to realise that one can’t just “wish” for their hair to be a certain way. They need to work hard enough to do something about it. Just how you need to work out to be fit, you need to work on your hair for it to be beautiful. Of course you can chemically treat them, smoothen them, straighten them and do all kinds of experiments on them. But there’s something pure and organic about home remedies that make them special for me. If you’ve been following my blog, you’d know that I have fairly long hair. Today I felt like the need to share the secret behind them. I honestly am not a fan of spending 1500 bucks every fifteen days on a hair spa but I do believe that one should treat their hair just like they treat their taste buds. If you have the kind of money to splurge in a spa, well, stop reading right now because what you’ll read is the cheapest way of doing a hair spa at home and you might hate yourself for not trying it! It is my mom’s turban therapy technique to nourish your hair at home. Being brought up in a small town, we didn’t have the luxury to hit the spa and get our nails painted every week. So a lot of things that happened were within the four walls of our homes. Turban therapy I think is an age old practice but since Mommy dearest introduced me to it, I’ll be naive enough to call it hers. Oh yes.

What do you need: Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Hair Brush, Towels, A Bucket Of Hot Water

Hair Regime


  • Step One: Mix equal portions of Olive oil and Coconut oil in a bowl and massage it onto your scalp. Rub it in and give yourself a champi. Taking help from Mom or a friend is allowed. (You can also use Castor Oil along with it for hair growth!)
  • Step Two: Use a hair brush and comb your hair. Make a top knot. This will make it easier for you to steam the hair.
  • Step Three: Soak towel in a bucket of hot water, wring it carefully and wrap it around your head like a turban. The steam would open pores which will allow the oil to penetrate deeper in the roots and nourish your hair.
  • Step Four: Repeat this process two-three times depending on your patience level and let the towel stay for fifteen minutes each time.
  • Step Five: Wash your hair with a mild shampoo and see your lustrous hair shine! Repeat this twice every month atleast for better results.


  • It helps reduce dandruff.
  • It helps reduce hairfall.
  • It helps in hair growth.

Haha! I think I’ve gotten too much into details. But hope this helps you! Let me know!

With Love,


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