DIY Drape Saree (:

Hello lovelies!

Gone are the days when one would associate black as a not-so festive colour. Today, we’ve arrived at a place in the fashion industry that doesn’t require us to limit our creative streak within the four walls of colour, size, occasion and age. Designers are mixing prints with prints. Celebrities are dressing up as hippies. It’s very encouraging and motivating to see fashion reach a junction where nothing is a “tabo”: a place where fashion is actually taken as a serious form of art and dressing up a technique to express your creativity. Black is one such colour that has been a constant companion in fashion’s journey so far. From attending a funeral to boardroom presentations, a coffee date to a wedding, you can pretty much wear it anywhere provided you know the art to style it! And well, black adds that much required modernity to any outfit. So why not go black this festive season? It makes you look slimmer. It adds that oomph factor AND it is a multi-faceted versatile colour.

Sonam Kapoor in Half saree drape or Anamika khanna saree style drape.jpg

(Image courtesy: Pernia’s Pop Up)

In this look, I decided to go tribal and colourful. Since it was the last look of the series, I really wanted it to end on a note where you don’t just read it and never try it but where you actually get the motivation to get off your bum and DIY! A lot of times in life we fail to muster the courage to do something that we’d have done otherwise due to lack of motivation or pure lethargy. Either ways, it is a shame. Honestly, I have been there plenty of times and not liked it. SO! We are doing a DIY Anamika Khanna Saree! Haven’t we all drooled over the beautiful drapes and the ever-so-stunning effect it has on you? A lot of us must have. So here’s your chance to wear one. And the fun part? You make it yourself!

Steps to follow:

  • Get up from your bed/study/sofa.
  • Open your wardrobe.
  • Get out that black tee and those black leggings (which every woman in the world MUST have. If you don’t, like I always say and do: Open your mom’s closet).
  • Rummage through your festive clothes and find a dupatta you like the best. I chose a black dupatta from an old Navratri lehenga. It could be anything but I’d suggest a leheriya or bandhani considering this is a Navratri look.
  • Tuck one end of the dupatta in your legging. Take it around your body just how you would with a saree and drape it!

Gold and silver enhance the black more so I went for some tribal silver jewelry. I styled it really minimal since the whole emphasis point of this outfit is the drape saree. The whole look reminds me of ancient India. Also, thanks to the background, I REALLY did feel like one of the sculptures you’d see in the Surya Temple, Odisa.

What do you have to say about it? Please leave your comments.IMG_1982





“The blazing sun couldn’t stop her from shining. And as she closed her eyes to soak in the summer heat, a blow of a kiss touched her warm cheeks and left her with a smile on her lips and butterflies in her heart! “

What am I wearing?

  • Tee: Forever21
  • Leggings: Mom’s closet
  • Dupatta: Old Lehenga
  • Jewelry: Law Garden

With Love,


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