Patiala Make-over :)

Hello lovelies!

Ahmedabad is so amazingly beautiful at this time of the year that it’s making me go bonkers! I have skipped and hopped around enough to know that there’s a lot in this city that remains under a thick layer of preconceived notion that people like myself have about any place that is not Bombay! To make up for the negligence I decided to get a little touristy for this blog entry and explore the city. In the various locations that were found, Adalaj Stepwell was the place that caught my attention. The pictures on the internet, the wikipedia page: all of it made me yearn to go there and explore the location. The end result? You shall see soon enough. But first here’s a link to the wikipedia page of Adalaj Stepwell. If and when you are in Ahmedabad, this is an architectural beauty you wouldn’t want to miss seeing. More than 500 years old, this place has a history of its own. I could imagine women clad in tribal jewelry and colourful drapes come here to fill their pots and sit and gossip, away from the scorching summer heat, hundreds of years ago. The temperature inside the “vav” is relatively lesser than outside so you can sit and relax. Also, because it’s on the highway, there isn’t a lot of crowd, and thus, its a very clean heritage site. We had a few occasional tourists who would come and go, once they were done looking around (and staring at us while we were shooting). But otherwise, we weren’t disturbed much!

Link to wiki:

Anyways, coming back to why this blog is being written: Look 2/3 of the Navratri series! I wanted to do something on a really tight budget this time. The idea was to have an effortless look you can pull together with whatever is at home. I decided to take up a pair of patialas and give them a make-over. The outfit is really simple:







  • When in doubt, head to mom’s closet. That’s always been my mantra for each time I have been stuck with deciding on an outfit. Here, I am wearing my mother’s patiala with a grey vest. You could easily raid your sister/mother/any women’s wardrobe to find the perfect one that goes with your look.
  • Over the vest, I decided on wearing this printed band-gala jacket from Connaught Place. I got it as a gift and have been waiting for the right time to wear it! Since the jacket is printed, I kept my vest in a solid colour to keep the emphasis on the jacket and the chunky necklace that I am wearing. You could also ask your brother for his band-gala jacket or you could buy them from Manyavar. They cost 800-1000 approximately. (Yes I dig menswear clothing. No you are not supposed to judge me on it.)
  • I am wearing Kolhapuri chappals and carrying a tan leather sling to complete the look. Bandra Linking Road has a lot of street-side shops that sell Kolhapuris. The trick is to learn to bargain. Offer them half of what they quote to you and meet them somewhere mid-way. This always works if you are new in town or even if you are new to bargaining!
  • The nose ring is a perfect tribal accessory I found at an exhibition last month at The Prince Wales Museum. Rabbit Out Of The Hat is the name of the brand where this lady sells beautiful handcrafted silver accessories. She works from a Facebook page so I’ll request you to go check her out!
  • The necklace is from Law Garden and I am in awe of this beauty. If in Bombay, Colaba Causeway is your go-to place. You could also find similar pieces in Bandra. If you are looking for some online shopping, Amazon and Flipkart have a few to offer. Just type “Statement Silver Necklace” (You are welcome!)

What was I wearing?

  • Vest: Gap
  • Patiala: Mommy’s Closet
  • Jacket: Connaught Place, Delhi
  • Chappals: Bandra
  • Bag: Law Garden
  • Rings: Bandra
  • Necklace: Law Garden
  • Nose Ring: Rabbit Out Of The Hat
  • Anklet: Jaipur
  • Bangles: Law Garden

I hope you guys have fun styling this look and love it as much as I loved creating it for you all! Please feel free to share your comments/opinions/views with me so that we can grow and learn! Also, I keep receiving messages on my Facebook page about how people need help with a certain outfit or a certain look. Believe me, its empowering and motivating. The motto behind WLI is to help you dress up and I am so glad we have begun to do so!

With Love,


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