Ahmedabad Love. <3

The secret is out. Can you guess what is it?

I am in Ahmedabad! The city, it’s historic significance, the bright spectrum of colours on the streets, innumerable women driving on two-wheelers, no traffic rules (for real), lanes filled with food joints: everything is so colourful and different than Bombay that it’s actually refreshing!  Ahmedabad isn’t half as fast-paced as Bombay. It’s a laid back city where men and women believe in actually living life and enjoying it. While we have our own share of fun in the bigger cities, one can’t fall to appreciate the sense of calm and joys of a smaller city. We are soon nearing Navratri here, which is the biggest ten-day festival in Gujarat. So well, it’s not really as calm as I just made it sound because the streets are bustling with the crowd looking for that perfect outfit or new jewelry to match their outfit with. But well, it’s all the more reason for some colours!

I have been so inspired by this city in the last few days I’ve been here that I decided on doing something especially for my love for the city. I will be doing NAVRATRI special looks for all you lovely women out there. I have always enjoyed wearing Indian wear and I know (almost?) each one of you would as well. So I thought why not? Let’s just together stumble on that perfect Navratri look, no matter where we are from? And without wearing the typical lehenga-choli? Shall we?


Please share your thoughts and let me know what do you think about the idea? 🙂

Much Love,


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