Boho Vibes.


This post has been long over-due but my WordPress had a glitch and it just wouldn’t accept the phone pictures I had for this look. Have any of you guys faced a compromise on the picture quality in WordPress? I figured out what was I doing wrong and well, its strange its coming from me, knowing I pretty much suck at technology, but I could help you! 🙂

Anyways, I think we have resolved that issue now, so I’ll let you know the details of this slightly daring, if I may say, look I’d brought together! 🙂 I’ve always enjoyed teaming junk tribal jewelry with western outfits. To me, the amalgamation of the two has always had a very pleasing effect. This time, I wanted to share that joy and sheer love for a bohemian look with you all on the blog. But before that, thank you so much for the amazing support and love you’ve showered upon me in the last twenty days. I’d have never thought blogging could be so much fun! Please comment and help me know what did you like (dislike) about this look?

I am wearing an old sheath dress bought from Forever21 during the Black Friday Sale in New York two years back. As with most things I buy, I found it too short to be a dress, so I wore it as a shirt instead. Talk about jugaad? I coupled it with a pair of grunge shorts and wore my very-bohemian-studded-heels from Aldo! To keep the attention on the symmetric print, I twisted my hair in a side pony and kept them out of the way. For a change, I also put on some dark lip shade and completed the look with silver jhumkas and rings.






What was on me?

Old Sheath dress. Forever 21
Faded shorts. Gap
Studded heels. Aldo
Rings. Jaipur and Bandra
Statement Earrings. Law Garden, Ahmedabad

With Love,


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