DIY ALERT: Old Tee or Fringe Bag?

Hello Love!

I firmly believe that there is a creative wiz in all of us who likes to give an added touch of perfection or a “personalized” effect to what would otherwise be a boring regular everyday item. In our own little ways, we like to do a little customization to call it ours, whether it be our work-space, our homes, kitchens or bedrooms. The little flowers you scribble on your diary to the shoe-boxes you use to store trinkets, we all love creativity. Don’t we?

This segment, basically concentrates on those little hacks which could change the way you look at everyday objects!

For my first DIY, I picked up the most basic object possible: an old tattered shirt from my mom’s closet, and tried giving it a make-over AND also a new functionality by converting it into a fringe bag. This DIY is brilliant because you don’t need to know how to sew to make it; all you need is a tee! And a pair of scissors, of course!

Fringe Bag Tutorial

STEP1: Take an old T-shirt. Lay it flat on the ground/table.

STEP2: Cut out the sleeves, hem and neck. The sleeves will become your handle.

STEP3: Cut into the tee starting at the hem. These will be your fringes. Don’t cut till the top but stop somewhere mid-way to have enough room for the bag. I roughly ended 10″ below the neck.

STEP4: Knot the fringes on the front with the ones on the back. Secure it with double knots.

TA-DAAA! Use it as a stationery bag if you are an artist or a vegetable bag if you are a house-wife and look fashionable even in the vegetable market!

Fringe Bag Tutorial 2

Until next time.


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