Sophisticated Nudes


If you are one of those people who dread at the sound of a party because it means hours of digging in your wardrobe looking for the perfect outfit, you’ve met your match, err, hi5 much?

The innumerable times I have panicked at the site of a party invite is scary! One thing that doesn’t excite me is being over-dressed for any occasion. Agreed that there’s no such thing as “being over-dressed” in fashion but I honestly like to follow the “less is more” philosophy when it comes to dressing up for a party. And especially with little boys and girls thinking they can put everything in that one look and walk out the door like a vintage thrift store, it strengthens my notion to dress down a little and be myself more than anything

There’s a cheat for making your outfit work: Nudes. Sophisticated, understated, sensational, and super safe. You can never go wrong with a nude coloured outfit. Its subtly glamorous and easy to work with. I personally tried recreating a look I’d worn at the Elle Design Awards last fall for you to understand how easy it is to totally own this look!

The crotchet dress I am wearing is a very basic, easy-to-breath-in outfit. But I realized it was too bland for an evening look. Enter: gold accents. To just highlight and add a hint of glitter, I teamed this dress with a pair of gold stilettos and gold accessories. I’ll be honest with you all since you’ve loved me so much in the last ten days: I am VERY new to make-up. I don’t like being decked up in layers of make-up and I try to just accentuate my features a little here and there with it. Hence, you’ll always see minimal make-up in my looks. If you want make-up tricks, we could stumble together there. 🙂

Here, I put up a base and added just a hint of colour with a pink lipstick. And voila! I was ready for the evening.







What am I wearing?

  • Dress: Forever21
  • Necklace: Forever21
  • Heels: Aldo
  • Clutch: Kazo
  • Cuff: Globus
  • Ring: Accessorize

With Love,


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