Hello peeps!

I hope you guys are enjoying this as much as I am! 🙂

I’ve always fancied wearing dresses but until two years back, I was very unsure of whether they’ll look good on me. But then things changed. I went to the States and I was introduced to a whole different world.

We have a pre-conceived notion here in India about what silhouette will suit who, and what colour will suit who. In the USA, people wear what they like if they feel confident they have the flare to carry it. Well, as obvious, that changed my perception about sizes. I was no longer contemplating about experimenting. I thought of it as an opportunity to explore myself and dress up. And voila! Dresses soon became a favourite.

The striped dress from Koovs is a staple in my wardrobe currently. I am absolutely in love with it. It is a knitted shift dress with bust darts. The fabric falls beautifully on the body and does well with hiding all the flab I have(!).

The very quirky “WOW” clutch is as cute as cute can get. The idea here was to be date-ready, whether you are headed to a movie theatre or a coffee shop.

The loafers from New Look are a favourite as well. And did I say comfortable? I don’t quite understand the hype for wearing heels at ALL times because quite honestly, I like my feet on the ground when I am out with friends or family.

The reflector sunnies is a trend I am completely digging at the moment! They don’t seem to be going out of trend anytime so you might as well want to invest in these if you haven’t already!






What am I wearing?

  • Dress: VOLA
  • Shoes: New Look
  • Clutch: Koovs
  • Sunnies: Bandra
  • Watch: Coach

Until next time. Feel beautiful!

With Love,


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