Urban Boho (:

Hello lovelies!

Have you ever had the urge to try on something new and not been able to muster the courage to do it? Have you ever been in a situation where you really feel like wearing something but are unsure of how it’ll look on you? I have. As a kid, I remember numerous times I’d go shopping with my mother, buy tonnes of clothes and not wear half of them because I was not confident enough. I mean I knew that the clothes I’d bought were fashionable, but I was just too critical, and might I add, harsh on myself about how things looked on me. As obvious, thus, these shopping sprees would mostly end up being a waste. My mom would end up getting disheartened and upset eventually.

Today I am smirking as I write this blog entry because she’ll definitely be happy! I am doing something I was scared of doing. I have always wanted to wear a hat. Like it’s been a forever dream of mine!(Silly, I know!) And today, it’s fitting that I am fulfilling that dream as my first ever professionally done shoot (dances).


I am in absolute love with the high waist skirt trend. It highlights on the smallest part of my waist and creates the illusion of a cinched waistline. Also, knots are something I’d ask you guys to try your hands at! The idea here was to go boho and hence the layered bracelets and the chunky neck piece.

IMG_6956 IMG_6952 IMG_6950 IMG_6964

TIP: Try something new today. Take out the outfit you’d bought months back and never had the courage to wear. We all have that one piece of clothing we think is a risk. Take that risk. (:

Today I am wearing:

  • Top: Koovs
  • Skirt: Stalk Buy Love
  • Shoes: Catwalk
  • Hat: Forever21
  • Necklace: Globus
  • Watch: Fossil
  • Bag: Stalk Buy Love

IMG_6979 IMG_6976 IMG_6972

With Love,


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